8 Books That Need to be Adapted to the Screen

Having our favorite book characters come to life in a movie adaptation is undeniably exciting! While there’s always a risk that the adaptation could be a letdown, it’s still fun to see these characters come to life. Haven’t you ever read something and just pictured what it would look like on screen? While we know some books wouldn’t do so well as movies or TV shows, some could potentially be awesome.

Here are 8 books that we think would make great adaptations, if done right!

1) The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osbourne 

With over 50 books in the series, it will be difficult to decide which books should be covered.  But imagine the how cool the CGI work would be. The various adventures and magic are perfect for a fun film. This would be a spectacular work to bring to the screen and Lionsgate has acquired the movie rights.


2) The Children of the Red King Series (Charlie Bone) by Jenny Nimmo 

With eight books in this series, it could be a whole new phenomenon! At Bloor’s Academy for Children, gifted children come together to harness their gifts. Charlie can hear the thoughts of people in photographs… um, AMAZING! Bone soon learns he is a descendant of the Red King, an ancient magician. What ensues are tales of adventure and magic. These books would make such cool movies. 


3) The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Greek heroes always make good movie subjects. What about young Greek heroes? Achilles is growing up and trained to be a warrior. When he befriends the prince, Patroclus, we watch their friendship grow. As Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, Achilles must journey to Troy to fulfill his destiny. It’s a classic story of a hero, and it’s so darn good.


4) Looking for Alaska by John Green  

Two of John Green’s YA novels have already been adapted, so it’s only right that another should happen. Looking for Alaska has been rumored to be in the works, but no solid plans are out. This book would be a dark, yet powerful look at friendship, love, and life in general. 


5) The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter

Unlike Carter’s usual stories, The Magic Toyshop is not a fairy tale- but it certainly feels like one! This tale is dark, yet whimsical – a bit like a dream. If Tim Burton got a hold of this, I assure you, it’d be a classic. 


6) The Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen

Glitz, glam, and money. This series focuses on the elite class in Manhattan in the early 20th century. You’ll be hooked by the scandal, gossip, and the relationships, which is a perfect base for an on-screen adaptation. These would be a perfect for Netflix. 


7) The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver  

Nathan Price is an evangelical Baptist priest who takes his wife and four daughters on a mission to the Belgian Congo. Kingsolver’s novel explores life in Africa in the 1950s, family values, and the ruthlessness of Price and his teachings. It would be a riveting film!

8) The Need Series by Carrie Jones 

Zara notices a man has been following her and she doesn’t know why. Turns out he’s a pixie king and he believes Zara is his queen. Carrie Jones skillfully connects a kingdom of pixies with the Norse kingdom of Valhalla in the Need series. From pixies to werewolves and Odin, this series is guaranteed to be an action-packed adaptation.


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