7 Ways to Befriend a Bookworm

We get it, your friends are getting a little boring: They party too much, they’re always talking about celebrities, and they don’t read enough. You need friends in your life who are intelligent intellectuals. I guess that’s why you’re here. A bookworm friend is the best friend you could have.

Here are 7 ways to befriend a bookworm, because to be honest, you really want to be friends with us.  

1) Talk to us about books

Grab some snacks and have a conversation with us about books! We could literally talk for hours about them and we sure hope you can too.


2) Buy us books

There’s really nothing we love more than someone buying us books. Just make sure you know what it is we want, or we’ll be really disappointed. 


3) Take us to a bookstore or library

Friend date! If you take us to an awesome bookstore or library, we’re sure to want to be friends with you. We can browse the shelves together and we’ll show you all of the books we’ve read. Maybe we’ll pick up a few more!


4) Buy us bookish gifts

We don’t only want books. Any type of gift is good with us! Especially when those gifts are literary related. Bookish mug? A literary poster? We can’t wait to see what we get :). 


5) Ask us literary questions to let us show off

If you test us, we will know the answers. We love to show off all of our literary knowledge. Challenges and competitions are our favorite things. You might want to step back because we’re about to get real literary. 


6) Read one of our favorite books

We love telling other people to read our favorite books. When you finish it, we’ll be the first one calling you up and asking you every single question about it. You couldn’t put it down, right? What did you think when…? We just want to know! 


7) Sh*t on a terrible movie adaptation with us

How dare Hollywood ruin our favorite book like that? How could they?!!!! They changed so many things and left so many others out. I can’t believe it. Could you? (If you can do this with us, we’ll be friends forever). 



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