7 Tips for Keeping Your Reading Resolutions

It’s mid-January, and already a lot of our New Year’s resolutions have gone out the window. But while you may not have been able to run five miles every day or eat nothing but kale for dinner, there’s still hope for your reading resolutions. Here are our best tips for keeping your reading on track.


Fill the Little Moments With Reading

A lot of us have the idea in our heads that reading requires a big comfy chair and a ton of time, but that’s just not the case. Reading is just as nice when you do it during the short little moments of free time you have throughout the day. Read your book in waiting rooms (instead of those old magazines), while your coffee brews, or while you’re waiting for friends to come over. And there’s nothing wrong with reading in the bathroom, either. You can tell your spouse we said so.


Carry Your Books With You

If you’re going to fill all these little moments with reading, then you’ll need to have your books with you when those moments pop up. Carry them in a bag or stick a paperback in your back pocket. Throw your book on the passenger seat of your car when you head out to run errands. Just remember that reading at stoplights is not allowed.


Install an E-Reader on Your Phone

You don’t need a dedicated e-reader to read eBooks. E-readers like Kindle and Nook also have apps for iOS and Android. Install one on your tablet or phone and set it up with your online shopping accounts and library card. You don’t have to read only on your phone: try pairing a borrowed ebook with a hard copy of the book you’re reading! You can read the hard copy at home and carry the eBook with you on your smartphone.


Use Audiobooks

We don’t recommend that you read while driving a car. In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s illegal. But listening to an audiobook while you run errands or commute to work? We can get behind that idea. Remember that, just like with eBooks, you don’t have to consume the whole book in the same format. Try borrowing an audiobook version of a book you own, and mixing and matching methods until you finish it!


Keep Track of Your Reading

How will you know if you’re reading enough if you don’t record it? Keep track of what you’re reading (and what you want to read next). If you record it publicly, you’ll make yourself accountable. And it just so happens that we know of a pretty good site for tracking what you’ve read – it’s called The Reading Room!


Your Friends Can Help

Friends keep us accountable, so find some reading friends! Hang out with people that love reading and talk about books, or connect with friends on The Reading Room. When your reading goals are public, you’ll be more likely to follow through on them.


Join (or Start) a Book Club

If you have friends who love reading, you’ve got the makings of a book club. Reading with a group can give you insights that you might otherwise miss, and it makes you more accountable, too. Bonus: it’s a great excuse to drink wine!