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7 Strange Habits Every Bookworm Has

We bookworms are, for the most part, creatures of habit. And we are happy being that way. That being said, some of our habits can be strange to onlookers. Here are 7 habits that every bookworm has that are strange to others.



1. Smelling books

The book smell is simply the best smell in the entire world, so why should we deny ourselves from smelling it? I’ll admit it does look a little weird to just bury our nose into a book and inhale, but it is something that we do without guilt and without shame.


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2. Having multiple copies of our favorite book

Other editions are just so pretty, okay? Collectors editions, international editions, or simply other editions with pretty covers, we want them all. It is not unusual to feel jealousy over all those nice editions that we don’t own, and actually owning them feels oh so great. Do we need multiple copies of the same book? Debatable. But that doesn’t stop us either way.

3. Devoting all free time to reading

For other human beings on this Earth, “free time” often means assuming a potato state on the nearest, comfiest horizontal surface and putting something on TV after a long day of responsibilities. For us bookworms, having free time means finally diving back into our current read. To others this might seem weird because reading can be tiring as well, but we don’t care too much about that.


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4. Rereading our favorite books and/or scenes over and over

Everybody has their comfort movie or comfort TV show that we watch over and over again. We book worms also have our comfort books. Sometimes it’s even a scene of a book that we like to read every now and then. Devoting hours to reading something we’ve already read can seem strange to non-readers, but for us it is as comforting and delightful as a hot cup of tea.

5. Making assumptions about others based on what they like (or don’t like) to read

We’re all guilty or have been guilty of doing this at least once. What someone likes to read can tell you a lot about them. Of course, these assumptions can be both good and bad, and sometimes they can be completely inaccurate, but we do it anyway.


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6. Constantly plotting in our heads

What could happen at the end of the book? What about the next book in the series? What about when the story is over? Well, we’ve got it all plotted out in our heads. We even have multiple possible plots. We have headcanons about all of our favorite characters and multiple plots about them beyond what’s in the actual book. Is that weird? I hope not too much.

7. Reading while doing pretty much anything

Reading while eating. Reading while watching TV. Reading while taking a bath. Reading while driving (listening to an audiobook, of course. We drive responsibly). Reading while exercising. You name it, we’re probably done it and we will probably do it again. Why waste our time doing only one thing when we could be doing that while also reading? It’s just not logical to not take the opportunity.


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What strange bookwork habits are you guilty of?

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