7 Robot Ideas Inspired by C. B. Lee’s ‘Not Your Sidekick’

The supervillains’ cover organization, and Jess’s crush Abby, another intern, both specialize in creating robots, such as cleaning robots that accomplish chores. With this idea in mind, I wondered what other types of robots could exist to make life easier. Here is the list I’ve compiled:

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C. B. Lee’s Not Your Sidekick has many of the markers of the superhero genre – heroes, villains, cats trapped in trees, and obvious but somehow still effective efforts to disguise secret identities. Jess Tran’s parents and sister are superheroes, but without superpowers she is unable to follow in their footsteps. While searching for a job, she accidentally applies to work as an intern for her city’s fairly harmless supervillains, deciding to stay because the idea of working for her parents’ rivals amuses her. The supervillains’ cover organization, and Jess’s crush, Abby, another intern, both specialize in creating robots, such as cleaning robots that accomplish chores. With this idea in mind, I wondered what other types of robots could exist to make life easier. Here is the list I’ve compiled:




Fashion Robot

Can you program a robot to recognize clothing patterns, textures, colors, and what ever else goes into designing a good outfit? Who knows, but if you could, the Fashion Robot could be a worthy companion to anyone who cannot match colors to save their lives – myself included. Just program the robot with your favorite styles and it will make sure you’re the best dressed person around – at least until someone reprograms it as a joke, or it decides that human fashion isn’t ideal and tries something new. (Though I suppose the results could still be excellent. You never know.)


Holding a Book While You Exercise Robot

I’ve always wished that I could read while using a treadmill, but it’s uncomfortable to attempt to hold a book in front of you while bouncing up and down. This robot will hold it steady, perhaps wave it up and down in order to match the movement of your head. The robot would even flip the page when you need it. How convenient is that? Unfortunately, I would probably use this robot to read while walking down the street and inevitably fall into a hole or something.





Self-Care Robot

The Self-Care Robot is there to make sure you remain happy and healthy. It can be programmed to do everything you need to feel healthy, such as reminding you to take breaks, giving compliments, offering advice, or providing hugs on request. While having a robot constantly reminding you to drink water might be irritating in the moment, it will be helpful in the long run, right?


Office Supplies Robot

Ever wish you had a printer that wasn’t on the opposite side of a college campus? Ever needed a stapler and found none in sight? The Office Supplies Robot is there to make sure you’re never caught without a paper clip again. With everything from sharpened pencils to an outlet for charging electronics, the Office Supplies Robot is the perfect companion for CEO’s and students alike! (Office supplies are sold separately.)


Seating Arrangement Robot

Imagine you invite a group of people over. These people all have their own preferences for seating, people they want to be near or people they would rather avoid. You program the robot with these details, and it produces a seating chart that matches, hopefully one where everyone is satisfied. While you can probably accomplish the same with no help, at least with the robot you don’t have to take the blame if something goes wrong. (Does forcing your robot into these situations make it more likely to quit and find a way to frame you for various crimes in an act for revenge? Probably.)





Gardening Robot

I love plants, but plants really don’t love me. The gardening robot can help make up for anyone’s inability to garden, with tools designed for measuring the health of plants to better provide care. The Gardening Robot can be programed to work as much as its owner would like, doing anything from performing the landscaping for their entire yard to standing by as backup in case something goes wrong. Plants will no longer have to suffer for my mistakes.


Bug Handler robot

The bug handler isn’t just another fly swatter. Oh, no, the Bug Handler Robot comes up with the best solutions possible for the safety of all humans and insects around it. Your Bug Handler will befriend all the spiders in your house, attempt to persuade mosquitos to find a new way to acquire food, and frolic around in your yard with an army of butterflies. Will it actually change anything? That remains to be seen.


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