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7 Reasons Why October Is the Month of the Bookworm!

It’s almost two weeks now that we’ve been rolling through October, as slow as the drying leaves on the sidewalk. However, we as readers need to step up our game.


October is a month in which we have tons of opportunities to embrace change. Don’t wallow in the dying sighs of a soft summer and days that lasted into the evening. Instead, lets face the winds of change and welcome all things new! Books, stories, movies, weather, clothes, food, activities, traditions… The list is basically endless. This month seems to enchant many and inspire all. Don’t look at this as an end; for us, it’s just a beginning. Don’t believe me? Here are seven reasons why fall is the most magical season for readers.



1. October is National Book Month!


Old Books

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Here’s an obvious one! This should be enough inspiration for us all; in fact, every month is our book month. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t up the reading now, because, well, why not? Aim for a new book every week or even short stories if you want to get more out of your time. The days are short and the nights are long so before-bed reading is always a good choice. Tell your fellow bookish friends and swap your favorites for something out of your comfort zone. You could even start a book club! Will you be the next Oprah? I make no promises, but it will be enriching to get a discussion going. Isn’t everything better with a friend?


2. The Thrill of a New Season



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This is one of the best feelings of October. This applies for every change of season, of course, but the metamorphosis of summer to fall holds a lot of feeling within in it. We’re beginning to face the inevitable goodbyes of warm afternoons and easy clothing. Though it’s not all bittersweet. We send away our odes to summer in a bottle and open our arms to the chilly air. It’s simply the feeling that something is coming. There are new things to do that we couldn’t do in summer and with the start of fall means the holiday season not too far into the future. To those dreading the start of classes, think of it as the next chapter of a book. You think you know what’s going to happen? Think again.


3. Book Releases EVERYWHERE!


Book Release

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Speaking of all things new… Books, books, and, oh right, books! October is a popular month for book releases. Authors also know it’s a heightened time for change and new reading lists and tastes. Everyone is over their beach day reads and they want something they can snuggle up with. It’s also because the 2017 National Book Award cut-offs are in November, so authors are racing to publish their work. Every thing in October so far has been making a big splash. Her Body and Other Parties: Stories by Carmen Maria Machado, Manhattan Beach: A Novel by Jennifer Egan, and The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman have been highly anticipated. Old, new, or used, just get a book already.


4. Hot Drinks With a Good Book


Hot drinks

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There are very few things in life that are as perfect together as warm drinks on a cold day. That is something that remains unbeatable. Stepping outside on a chilly October morning usually makes you want to run back inside and hibernate for a while, but you’re beginning the season of warm beverages… Plural. As readers, we love to curl up anywhere comfortable with a good book, that’s a given. So, when it’s cold we just need a steamy mug next to us as we read on our couch, our bed, or by our window with a view of the falling leaves. Like black coffee with your biographies? Want some English tea for your Brontë? Espresso could be good for those lengthy epics. Hot apple cider seems rustic enough for books of poetry. And let’s not forget hot chocolate for those spooky October tales. If you actually want to read about the perfect hot drinks and how to make ’em, try this: Some Like It Hot: 50 Drinks to Warm Your Spirits by Holly Burrows and Katie Walter. For the adults who need something stronger, you’ll find it in there as well.


5. Amazing Autumn Activities



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This is the month for taking part in all things fall! Wake up early on a Saturday to go for a quiet walk along a tree-lined avenue. Search your nearest community farm or market to pick up the perfect pumpkin and fresh produce. Check out your local bookstore for upcoming book releases, author signings, and giveaways of the season! Say what you want, but my personal favorites are trips to the vineyards, homemade pie shops, and fall festivals. Everything cozy and rustic you can think of is going on and you want to be part of everything. If you can’t make it to the rolling vineyards or pick up a golden brown pie, check out these books that teach you the art and steps to both: The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France by Ray Walker and Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life by Kate McDermott.


6. Sweater Weather!


Fall clothes

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I love a good sweater that feels like home and a scarf to match. Doesn’t everybody? Wrapping yourself in layers on a cold evening is the only thing to do, especially when you have a book to read. Grab your comfy socks and that hoodie with the hole in it, perfection. Or, if you know people will be seeing you, a soft sweater and your best worn boots will do. Check out these bookish socks along with these Harry Potter ones! Or, if you are like me, you desire this Pride and Prejudice infinity scarf. Yes, yes we do agree fall clothing is the comfiest and coolest of all.


7. Um… Halloween?


Full Moon

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This is the witchiest day of the year and I can’t get enough. Even from a young age Halloween brought a feeling of anxious excitement. Getting out of school to go trick-or-treating in your awesome costume is equivalent to the red carpet, am I right? Nowadays, as a serious adult, I prefer to take my look to a ridiculously nerdy level with costumes like Frodo Baggins or Daenerys Targaryen, Daisy Buchanan, or Madeline. There are actually endless choices for book-lovers to be the characters they dream of. Check out some cool costumes here! And want to spook yourself for the upcoming night of eeriness? Check out Goodreads‘ endless list of bone-chilling books! 


So, get your scarves out, your old boots, a worn sweater, and a funky mug. Autumn is here and the spirit is just beginning.



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