7 Online Book Clubs to Join While Social Distancing

With more than 240 active chapters around the world, Silent Book Club is all about community. Silent Book Club is all the best parts of a book club minus the pressure to finish an assigned book.

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If social distancing has you missing your weekly book club meetings, then now is the perfect time to join an online book club! Not only are they easy to join, but, best of all, they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own isolated couch! Here are seven online books clubs to join while practicing social distancing. 


1. Oprah’s book club


image via oprah.com


Of course we had to start with the book club of all book clubs: Oprah’s Book Club! Since 1996, Oprah’s Book Club has been highly influential in the literary world, turning every book endorsed by Oprah into an immediate bestseller. Now, anyone can join Oprah’s Book Club without even having to turn on the TV. Join on GoodReads to check out all of Oprah’s latest recs.


2. The Rumpus Book Club


image via therumpus.net


If you like to read books before they hit the bestseller list (and brag that you read it first), then try out The Rumpus Book Club. For just thirty dollars a month, The Rumpus Book Club sends readers a new, unreleased book to read and discuss. At the end of the month, readers are then invited to participate in a moderated online discussion with the author of the book. So, if you’re looking to read the next, undiscovered best selling book, then try The Rumpus Book Club.


3. free minds book club and writing workshops


image via shout mouse press


A different kind of book club, Free Minds helps young inmates awaken their full potential by helping them get access to books, support, and writing instruction. Readers can get involved by donating books, donating money, or by giving writing feedback through the Free Minds Program. Free Minds also has monthly in-person writing workshops for when social distancing is no more! If you want to do some good and spread the joy of reading and writing, consider joining Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshops.


4. Reese’s book club


image via edmonton public library


Everyone’s favorite Harvard law student now has her own book club! If you’ve ever wondered what women-centered book Reese Witherspoon is currently reading, then join Reese’s Book Club. Then throughout the month, there are social media discussions that readers can join in on. To join, simply subscribe to Reese’s Book Club updates and order Reese’s pick of the month. What, like it’s hard?


5. the history book club


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If you’re a self-described history buff, then try out The History Book Club. One of GoodReads’ largest communities, The History Book Club gives history fanatics the space to discuss and read all about their favorite time periods. Get involved on GoodReads and start discussing all things history and literature!


6. Belletrist


image via belletrist


With the goal of celebrating great books and the people who read them, Belletrist is a book club run by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss. What sets Belletrist apart is that each month it features not only a book recommendation, but also an independent bookstore. The Belletrist blog also features dozens of great interviews with many different authors, including the one and only Joan Didion. Be sure to follow Belletrist on Instagram for lots of fascinating bookish content!


7. Silent Book Club


image via silent book club


With more than 240 active chapters around the world, Silent Book Club is all about community. Silent Book Club is all the best parts of a book club minus the pressure to finish an assigned book. Now with social distancing in place, Silent Book Club has moved to holding virtual meetings, meaning members can connect with readers from chapters all over the world. Some upcoming and ongoing meetings (virtual meetings, of course) include: Lincoln, NE every other Sunday; SBC Online; San Francisco, CA on March 29 at 4 PM PST; and Luxembourg on March 30 at 7 PM CEST. For a full list of meetings, click here!

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