7 New and Upcoming Romances for Galentine’s Day

While it’s always fun to spend some quality time with our favorite gals, Galentine’s Day is just that much more of an excuse to show them some love! With or without a significant other, love stories are a MUST for everyone this month. Here are some of romances coming your way in 2021:

Marriage Pass by Briana Cole

Image via She Reads

Dr. Dorian Graham is rich, successful and married to his college sweetheart Shantae. After years of monogamy, Dorian is perplexed when Shantae suggests they spend their one-year wedding anniversary fulfilling their needs with their most taboo desires, no questions asked. Immediately, Dorian is drawn to the forbidden fruit that is Shantae’s younger sister Raegan. But she knows all about his mind games, so Dorian must win out against her… but at what cost?

Love in English by Maria E. Andreu

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As if moving from Argentina to New Jersey wasn’t hard enough, Ana just had to wind up in the middle of a love triangle. When she meets Harrison, the typical all-American boy from her math class, it was like all the poems she’d ever written found a new meaning. But when she meets Neo, a Greek Cypriot boy in her ESL class, she begins to wonder if everything in life makes as little sense as the English language.

Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

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Rafy’s truest love is his art; he loves everything from designing to bedazzling and cannot wait to make his style debut at this year’s Comic Con. His only problem? His ex-boyfriend Luca is his biggest competition. They were once a dynamic artistic duo and nothing could have gotten in their way – except each other. But when the two are forced to pair up, Rafy has to face his feelings for Luca and his own insecurities in order to win.

Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy by Kris Clink

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In the first novel of Clink’s Enchanted Rock series, Lark has lost her husband, and she has no more time to grieve. So, in an effort to heal herself and her family, she moves them back to her hometown in Texas Hill County and invests her every last dime in a failing vineyard. The one thing she wasn’t expecting when she moved back home was to find love again. She’s unprepared for the army vet that steals her heart, Wyatt Gifford, but more than anything, she’s unprepared for her own healing that comes with him.

Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneu

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Reminiscent of Anna and the French Kiss, Kisses and Croissants follows American sixteen-year-old Mia as she pirouettes her way through her six-week ballet program in an attempt to snag an audition with some of the world’s best ballet companies. But her plans get thrown off when she meets her handsome French tour guide Luis. The two flirt, fall, and discover that the City of Love has a few mysteries of its own.

Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertalli

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Kate and Anderson are best friends, and they do everything together. They drive to and from school together, go to theater rehearsals, act as each other’s therapists and even like the same boys – and it’s never been a problem for them. Not until now, at least. Matt Olssen is the object of both of their affections, and now that he’s made it from their imaginations to the hallways of their high school it might be a lot harder for Kate and Anderson to have both their feelings AND each other.

Anna K. Away by Jenny Lee

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Anna K is a mess – her sex tape surfaced, and her girlfriend died. Now, she’s spending the first half of her summer in South Korea while her friends are dealing with their own problems. For Lolly, it’s wondering if it’s really worth another try with Steven or if they should call it quits. For Bea, it’s running off to LA while she tries to learn forgiveness. Full of adventures, the sequel to Anna K, Anna K Away is a mess of finding love, self-discovery and beautiful friendships.

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