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7 Most Memorable ‘Catching Fire’ Moments

Sunday, September 1st (as in today) marks the tenth anniversary of when the second book of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games series was published and indeed caught fire! Not only did sparks fly from the book’s release, but also when its movie adaptation came out in November of 2013, it was (and still is) hailed as one of the best sequels of all time!


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To celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s go over just seven out of the many memorable moments (in chronological order) we have taken into our hearts from this very special sequel…

Who would have thought that within a week and a half of Mockingjay’s ninth anniversary, we would have Catching Fire’s tenth? (If you have not yet read my article for the most memorable Mockingjay moments, then click here!)

*Also, spoiler warning: if you haven’t read Catching Fire or any of the Hunger Games books, then click off now or, as the tributes had done back in the Games, stay alive!

And try not to catch fire as you whip through this list…



1. Katniss’s emotional speech to District 11


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Katniss and Peeta, while on their Victory Tour, stop in District 11 to speak on behalf of the fallen tributes Thresh, who saved Katniss’s life, and Rue, who was her ally. After Peeta announces that they will give a significant portion of their winnings to the fallen tributes’ families, Katniss decides to give back as well, but in her own way.

This part shows how strong a bond Katniss had with Rue, as she delivers a heart-gripping speech towards all of District 11, expressing her regret for not being able to save Rue and her immense gratitude for Thresh sparing her, and in response, the people of District 11 all give her the iconic hand gesture of gratitude for her wordsright before the Peacekeepers step in to break up the scene as well as the moment!


2. The elevator scene


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If you read it in the book and/or actually saw it on the big screen, then you know that this had to be on the list!

So, the in-book scene only has Johanna, Katniss, and Peeta inside the tribute center elevator, but in the movie, Haymitch is also present, making this scene even more interesting! Either way, Johanna acquaints herself with Katniss and Peeta by complaining about her stylist’s poor fashion taste whilst stripping off pieces from her outfit but doesn’t stop until everything is off.

(I highly recommend just watching this scene in the movie for yourself, for obvious reasons.)

If there were an Oscar category for “Best Performance Throughout a Single Scene,” then I think Jennifer Lawrence would have easily won her second Oscar just from this scene with that poker face she wears here all the while watching Jena Malone strip down.


3. Katniss “hangs” Seneca Crane


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This is definitely a callback to the first book, in which Katniss gets the Gamemakers’ attention by shooting an arrow at the apple in the roast pig’s mouth, bowing, and delivering her most glorious line: “Thank you for your consideration.” However, this time, she defies them because of Peeta.

After realizing that Peeta showed them that he was not just a piece in their Games (like he always wanted to do in Book 1), by painting a beautiful mural of Rue on the Tribute Rec Center floor, Katniss, willing to go down alongside Peeta, takes matters into her own hands by hanging up a dummy, which is painted to resemble Seneca Crane, reminding them that it was her act of defiance in the last Games that cost Seneca his life.

And of course, after she’s done here, she does her signature bow. This girl really is on fire!


4. Katniss’s wedding dress-to-Mockingjay dress transformation


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Who could ever forget this moment?

During her interview with the blue-haired Caesar Flickerman, as instructed by Cinna, she twirls around in her Capitol-issued wedding dress for the audience, and thus this is the moment that a luxurious wedding dress fires up and sheds itself to show feathers (in a reverse-molt process), transforming into the physical form of the very thing that the Capitol tried up to that point to extinguish but to no avail and that would go on drive Panem’s rebellion: a beautiful mockingjay!

This dress of Cinna’s was his finest work and unfortunately his last, as it results in his death not too long afterwardspecifically, by Capitol officials and right in front of Katniss just as she is being taken into the arena of the 75th Games. Seriously, the adults in practically every YA dystopian series ruin everything!



5. “Tick tock. This is a clock.”


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Don’t worry: you won’t catch me overusing “tick tock” over and over here.

When Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick team up with Johanna, Wiress, and Beetee in the 75th Games, Wiress, still delusional from shock, keeps repeating “tick tock” mostly to herself, yet very much to Johanna’s annoyance, but then Katniss figures out that the whole arena, which so far offered her hunting party poisonous fog and killer monkey mutts in two different sections, operates as a clock, with “a new horror every hour.”

I agree with Katniss and Finnick: Wiress, you really are a genius!


6. “I need you.”


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Well, here it is, one of my personal all-time favorite scenes of both the book and the movie!

Everything about this scene is beautiful: from the serious talk that they have, to the locket Peeta filled with pictures of Katniss’s family, to their passionate-as-hell kiss. Of course, if you saw this in the movie, it’s even better, or maybe downright irritating, when after they kiss, Johanna yells out, “All right, love-birds!” to get them to come over to Beetee, thus ruining their moment.


7. Katniss destroys the arena


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And this is my mom’s favorite scene: the one where the villain gets his just desserts. Here, Katniss realizes, after being reminded by Finnick, that the real enemy is not each other but the ones who pit them against each other in the first place, so she blows up the Games arena, taking away the real enemy’s power to kill them.

Now, this is taking Augustus’s metaphor from The Fault In Our Stars to a whole other level!


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