7 Important Books to Read for Black History Month

Black History Month is here and it always comes with inspiring books. The young adult genre always has the best influential books to read during Black History month ranging from contemporary to fantasy. Here are seven young adult books with the best representation for Black History Month.


1. THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas 

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a novel that was written for the Black Lives Matter movement and the activists involved. This book is number one on this list because it is a story about a young girl named Starr Carter who sees her best friend, Khalil get murdered by a cop. The story revolves around her and how she deals with the death of her friend.

The Hate U Give was awarded the Coretta Scott King book award as well as a Pulitzer Prize, and many more. It was also made into a movie in 2018 starring Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter.


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2. ON THE COME UP by Angie Thomas 

 On the Come Up is Angie Thomas’ second novel. It follows Bri, a teenager who dreams of making it big as a rapper. Thomas`s new book is all about using your voice and having freedom of speech.


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3. NOT SO PURE AND SIMPLE by Lamar Giles

Lamar Giles book Not So Pure and Simple is about Del and his infatuation with his friend from childhood, Kiera Westing. Without realizing that Del has joined a Purity Pledge at church because Keira did, he still does not want to give up on his dreams of being with her.


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4. DEAR MARTIN by Nic Stone 

Justyce McAllister is a grade A student heading towards Ivy League. Until his world turns upside down when a cop arrests him. When he needs answers, Justyce becomes inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King.  Justyce gets arrested by the white cop when him and his friend Manny drive around with their music blasting. Now, Justyce has to figure out what to do when he is in the public eye of the media. Nic Stone deals with issues in Dear Martin such as police brutality and racism.


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  When magic disappears in Zelie Adebola`s land, she is determined to get it back to her people. Zelie befriends a rogue princess and with the help of her brother, the three fight to bring magic back to the land of Orisha and defeat the monarchy.


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6. KINGDOM OF SOULS by Rena Barron

 Arrah comes from a family of witchdoctors. She longs to have magic of her own, but she can’t even perform magic. Determined to have magic of her own Arrah decides to perform a deadly ritual, one that costs her own life. Kingdom of Souls, Rena Barron`s debut novel, has everything from voodoo magic, folk, magic, gods and monsters.


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7. A BLADE SO BLACK by L.L. Mckinney

 A Blade So Black is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland but this time it has a young black heroine as the lead. Alice struggles with her Nightmares while also struggling with high school in Atlanta. Alice has to fight monsters in a dream world called Wonderland while also trying to maintain her normal life.


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