7 Iconic Loki Moments From The MCU

After years of asking for it, our favorite MCU villain has finally gotten his own show! ‘Loki’ premieres today, June 9 on Disney+ as part of Phase Four of the MCU. To celebrate the premiere of ‘Loki’ on Disney+, let’s look back on some the God of Mischief’s best, and most iconic moments from the MCU!

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After years of asking for it, our favorite MCU villain has finally gotten his own show! Loki premieres today, June 9 on Disney + as part of Phase Four of the MCU. The show takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019) in which an alternate version of Loki caused the creation of a new timeline where – you guessed it – he’s still alive!

To celebrate Loki‘s premiere, let’s look back on some the God of Mischief’s best, and most iconic moments from the MCU!



7. “satisfaction isn’t in my nature.” – thor: the dark world

In Thor: The Dark World, when Thor asks his brother if he’ll be satisfied once Jane Foster is dead, this is Loki’s answer to the God of Thunder. This quote is quintessentially Loki; the adopted son, the resentful brother, and the double-crossing God.




6. “Trust my rage.” – thor: the dark world

Rage can be a powerful thing, and a strong motivator when one is in want of vengeance. In Loki’s case, rage has always been his closest companion, he welcomed and nurtured it, until it became his purpose. After Frigga’s death in The Dark World, Loki’s rage is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and despite his complex and fragile relationship with his brother, if there is one trustworthy thing about Loki, it very well is his rage.





5. “I didn’t do it for him. ” – thor: the dark world

This is a very emotional moment in the MCU; which is probably due to the fact that Loki’s death had originally been scripted to be permanent. As Loki is dying in his brother’s arms in The Dark World, Thor assures him he’ll tell Odin about his sacrifice. Loki’s reply is that he didn’t sacrifice himself for their father, whose approval he spent his life seeking, but that he did it for Thor instead. The poignancy of this scene, and the brotherly love between Loki an Thor makes it one of the best in the MCU!





4. “I have been falling for thirty minutes!” – thor: ragnarok

Taika Waititi’s comedic genius in Thor: Ragnarok is a pure delight. In one of the movie’s earliest scenes, when Thor is having a conversation with Dr. Strange, he reminds him to release Loki who has been falling through portal after portals “for thirty minutes!”. Loki’s rage and indignation perfectly fit the movie’s tone.





3. “We are not doing ‘get help.'” – thor: ragnarok

This movie is filled with hilarious moments, and the “Get Help” scene is one of my personal favorites! What makes it even better is that just moments earlier, Loki refused to do it!





2. “Well, for one thing, i’m not asgardian, and for another … we have a hulk.” – avengers: infinity war

Chills – literal chills. The “We have a Hulk scene” in Infinity War is an echo to the one in the first Avengers movie, when in reply to Loki’s “I have an army,” Iron Man says, “We have a Hulk.” Hearing Loki using “we” when talking about the Avengers is simply beautiful.






1. “i assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.” – avengers: INFINITY war

The opening scene of this movie was not an easy one to watch. But Loki’s undying hope that Thanos will be defeated was enough to put a smile on our faces. Although Loki himself didn’t make it – well, a version of him did – he contributed to saving countless lives, and there is some comfort in knowing that his death was not for nothing.




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