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7 Fantastic Homes From Literary Adaptations

Movies adapted from literature are usually a Godsend, when they’re done right that is. Bringing words and details to life is really remarkable when you think about it. Everyone always pays attention to the location and if you’re like me, you’ll probably fall in love with it too. A character’s home is just as vital as the character themselves.


I find people’s homes to be a big indication of who they are; everything in a house tells a story and has a personal touch. To see a fictional character’s home is pretty charming. Who doesn’t dream of living in a place like that? I’ve rounded up ten of the best homes in book-to-movie adaptations and I’m feeling pretty domestic.


1. Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley


Literary Houses

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2. Dracula, The spooky castle


Literary homes

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3. Wuthering Heights, The Earnshaw Estate


Literary Homes

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4. Sherlock Holmes, The notable 221B Baker Street in London


Literary Homes

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5. The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby’s Mansion


Literary Homes

Image Via The Gray House on the Left


6. Rebecca, The Manderley Mansion


Literary Mansions

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7. Jane Eyre, The Rochester Estate


Literary Homes

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