7 Clever Reading Ads That’ll Make You Want to Read (More)


If you’re on this site, you likely don’t need any convincing to pick up a book. You’re self-motivated to dive into a world of an author’s creating. Even the best of us can use a reminder to read, however. These are the best ads we’ve come across on our reading expeditions.


1. Johnson County library trucks


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed


Why drive around in a drab truck when you can drive around in a vehicle inspired by a literary classic? These are just some examples.


2. Whitcoulls


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed


This New Zealand bookseller catches the eye and the literary gaze. The mural not only makes for a beautiful ad – it also somehow finds a way to squeeze in every word of A Clockwork Orange!


3. Post-It


Image courtesy of eBook Friendly


Not a traditional bookseller, but the company’s ad for its own sticky notes can serve as a reading ad as well. The poster is so simple, yet so brilliant in the message it conveys.


4. Crossword audiobooks



Image courtesy of eBook Friendly


Another ad that’s so simple to execute, yet speaks a thousand words. The open book creates the visual of red lips, which is the mode of speech that is used to convey audiobooks. Brilliant!


5. Stories! Bookstore


Image courtesy of eBook Friendly


On the other side of the spectrum, this ad likely took a great deal of artistic freedom to create. The result is stunning, though, with the idea of falling into a story being taken very literally.


6. Pulp Books


Image courtesy of eBook Friendly


This ad is just funny – could you imagine if people had books and bookshelves for heads instead of human skulls? It would be so difficult to fit through doorways!


7. Mint Vinetu


Image courtesy of eBook Friendly


One of the better-known book advertisements of all-time, Mint Vinetu allows readers to escape into a different life. The alignment of faces is iconic and the understated background makes it pop even more.


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