7 Accessories from Literature You Can Buy in Real Life


Some of our favorite literary characters are known to carry around certain objects. They might help them in some way or are just a part of their personality. Wouldn’t it be nice if their accessories were real? Well, they are! Here are 7 literary character accessories that you can purchase right now! 


1) Violet Baudelaire’s Hair Ribbon


Image courtesy of Popbuzz 

Book: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Grab a piece of purple ribbon anywhere ribbon is sold! The next step would be tying it in your hair when its time to get crafty! 


2) Beatrice Prior’s Tattoos


Image courtesy of Marie Claire 

Book: The Divergent Series

If you’re not feeling going under the needle for real tattoos, there are always temporary ones! Head over to Etsy to grab the templates! 


3) Little Red Riding Hood’s Jacket


Image courtesy of Tyler Garrison

Book: Little Red Riding Hood

We can’t promise that while wearing this you’ll be safe from wolves, but you’ll sure look stylish! Whether a Halloween costume or just to step out in in the brisk air, Etsy has you covered. 


4) One Ring to Rule Them All


Image courtesy of AV Club 

Book: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings 

Be careful when wearing this, because you might become obsessed. Head over to Etsy and grab yourself the One Ring. 


5) Katniss’ Mockingjay Pin


Book: The Hunger Games Series  

Join the resistance by wearing this Mockingjay pin on your lapel. No one will doubt your dedication, and Etsy has one for you to pick up! 


6) Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace



Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

You might not be able to go back in time with this, but you can pretend. Hermione used it to get to all of her classes on time, imagine the possibilities! Of course, Etsy has one just for you. 


7) Lyra’s Golden Compass/Alethiometer 


Image courtesy of


Book: The Golden Compass

Lyra uses the alethiometer to find and tell the truth. Find your truth courtesy of Etsy!  



Featured image courtesy of IMDB