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6 Wonderful Book Dads to Light Up Your Father’s Day


Lawyer, homesteader, wizard, fugitive—these literary dads may hail from diverse backgrounds, but their fierce love for their children unites them all. This Father’s Day, celebrate father figures who show their kids what it really means to be a parent and person with integrity.


1. Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird



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By putting his reputation and his life on the line to do the right thing, Atticus cements himself as his children’s quiet and humble hero. Over and over, the righteous lawyer shows Jem and Scout just what it means to listen to the silenced and spread tolerance in a world fully immersed in ignorance and bigotry.


Charles “Pa” Ingalls, Little House Series



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Though he suffers from a serious case of wanderlust, Charles Ingalls never leaves behind his family. Taking his wife and daughters on adventure after adventure on the late-nineteenth century western frontier, Pa shows his girls that its possibly to be gritty and generous at the same time. Joyous, handy, and totally loving, Pa lives on in his “half-pint” Laura’s accounts of her eventful early life.


Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter Series



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The proud dad of 7 kids, Arthur works hard at the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office to provide for his family. Good cop to wife Molly’s bad cop, Weasley takes pride in his children’s adventures and accomplishments despite the trouble they often attract. And perhaps most remarkably, Arthur welcomes orphaned Harry into the Weasley home and treats him like one of his own.


Jean Valjean, Les Misérables



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Despite a lifetime of torment and years of soul-crushing labor, Valjean refuses to treat his adopted daughter Cosette, the way life has treated him. Plucking her from the cruel hands of the Thenardiers, Valjean raises Cosette in a home filled with love and respect. It is clear from the start that he would do anything to make her happy—even lay down his life.


Hans Hubermann, The Book Thief



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On first appearance, Hans Hubermann seems totally ordinary, boring even. But Hans, a working-class WWI veteran who paints houses and plays the accordion, is anything but. Taking in the traumatized Liesel as a foster child, Hans transforms her life with his kindness and his decency—two qualities sorely lacking in their native Nazi Germany. Liesel may be a thief, but Hans taught her how to be a human being.


Rahim Khan, The Kite Runner


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Spurned by his biological father, sensitive Amir turns to his father’s good friend, Rahim Khan, for fatherly love and affection. Rahim guides and supports Amir throughout his life, telling him secrets his father refuses to share and reminding Amir of his power to do good.



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