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6 Short Stories That Nightmares Are Made Of

October is the notorious month for all things spooky, scary, horrifying, creepy, eerie, and haunting… Isn’t it wonderful?


Personally, I love to be scared; it’s exciting, it wakes you up, and it even makes you feel like you’re in a Stephen King movie. I specifically like a fright when reading books and watching movies. I don’t mean I enjoy having Michael Meyers chasing me down the street at night. I just find it unbelievable that mere words on paper could send a chill over your skin. Or how reading in the dark with nothing but a phone light makes you question the shadows that play on your wall.


Halloween is coming up and if you aren’t planning these weeks around scary movies, hilarious costumes, and how many Reese’s the human stomach could possibly fit, then what are you doing? Actually, if you aren’t busying yourself with scary books, what are you doing?


So take a break from frantically running around planning costumes and decorating. I’ve given you six short stories full of all things horror and haunting. You’ll find some time to have the hair on your neck stand up.


1. Mine by Regina Puckett



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This one is the first, but actually creeped me out the most. Alle finally gets to go on a date with James and of all the places to go, where do they pick? An abandoned mental hospital. Just when Alle is convinced that ghost hunting with James and his friends can’t get any worse… It does.


2. Papap’s Teeth by Danielle DeVor


'Papap's Teeth

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The title alone makes me hesitate. Sara has seen her grandfather compulsively pull a small wooden box out of his nightstand only to stare at it for a couple minutes before putting it away. One night Sara has to stay over her grandfather’s house while her parents are away. When she goes to bed only to find the sealed box on the night table, the visit takes a turn.


3. Benjamin by Michael J. Evans



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A story like this should scare the child in you. Benjamin has to follow his overbearing mother’s rule and finds he’s soon face-to-face with breaking them. When he stays up late and watches the movie his mother warned him not to, he soon finds out that the consequences are horror beyond belief.


4. Vermin by Allison Dickinson



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The Martindale Mansion is finally sold after it’s gruesome murder in the past that left it abandoned. Of course, there’s a catch. It’s got a few pests living within the walls and they’re not going away. If you hate the feeling of something crawling on your skin… You may not have the guts for this.


5. Crying Through Plastic Eyes by Regina Puckett


'Crying Through Plastic Eyes'

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Destiny tries her best to make her daughter feel normal after filing for divorce, but things become far from. When her daughter is away at her father’s house and Destiny has to clean up her mother’s packed away belongings, she finds that things begin to feel rather eerie. The round face, empty eyes, and constant presence is what makes her mother’s old dolls so chilling.


6. Devil Inside (Supernatural Horror) by William Cook


'Devil Inside'

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This story contains graphic details that paint a portrait of evil and terror in your mind. It’s that fear of standing in the pure pitch black. When a young boy makes a wish, something comes for him that wasn’t at all what he wanted… Are you holding your breath?


These are only a few of the short horror stories you could find that will chill you to the bone before the wicked All Hallows’ Eve. Some may have you scared to close your eyes, or scared to open them. Whatever you do, don’t read in the dark, choose wisely, and try not to peek over your shoulder too much.


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