6 Pros and Cons to Gifting Books to Fellow Bookworms!

Ah, yes…the dreaded, exciting, and imaginative process of gift giving. This is usually a fun task when you know the person well who you’re shopping for. Perhaps they like jewelry, or a specific clothing brand, or maybe they just want a damn Amazon gift card. Hey that’s cool, you know exactly what they want! So, what about the people who don’t tell you what they want? More specifically, the bookworms.


If you have a self-proclaimed bookworm in your life, you would say they’d want… A BOOK! Right? Well, maybe wrong. Gifting a book could be a little tricky depending on who it is and what the book is. Think before you pick. Here are six pros and cons to gifting books!


Pro: Some don’t have time to look for new reads!


This can happen. We all know you make a priority for what you truly want, but I think sometimes you just get busy. It’s that simple. Picking out a book isn’t something you do quick after work; people like to take their time and browse. Reading is a hobby wen all love (and need, honestly), but sometimes it gets put on the backburner. That’s where you come in to give them the beacon of hope they haven’t had in a while. Got to love the phrase, “I haven’t had the chance to get a new book!”


Con: Bookworms could have a strict reading list.


I know readers like this who read through books systematically; nothing and no one could break that system! There’s a list or a log and they know just about how many pages they’ll be reading a day and what they want to read after. Tabs and organization are their thing. So what happens when you pop up with a whole new read they never gave their approval on? Well, they should be polite at least, but your gift may end up at the very bottom of their list. Although there are exceptions naturally (they love it or they asked for it), but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear about their review on it for a while.



Pro: You could open their mind to a whole new genre!


Do you have a romance novel fiend in your life? Give them mystery! Know someone who likes thrillers? Give them historical fiction! There ain’t nothing wrong with stepping outside of your comfort zone (or reading zone). I know we stick to favorites, I’m guilty of it, but let your mind grow from the usual! It’s good for you and you may even acquire a new go-to genre after that. Your gift could open their minds to something they would’ve otherwise shrugged off.


Con: People choose their next read based on their mood, feeling, and comfort.


Most bookworms are open minded, I’d say. There are the occasional who have had bad experiences with certain genres and swear they’ll never go back. And that’s a damn shame, but readers also go by feeling and mood when they look for new reads. Maybe you want to take it back to a book from college you never gave a chance or you saw something on the science channel and want to learn more about amebas (or not). Some readers will go right for what makes them feel comfortable and what they relate to, because don’t we all want to be able to stand in the author’s shoes? If you give these folks a genre they’re not feeling, then it could be pushed aside. Depends on the person, but some just want what they want.




Pro: You have someone to discuss your favorite book with!


Isn’t it lovely to be able to share the same book taste with your friends? What better way to spend time with them than discussing what may happen in the upcoming chapters of a book? Especially if it was your favorite book first. When you have a book that means so much to you and has taught you more about yourself than you could’ve imagined,you want to share that. You have hopes that someone will feel the same way and then you could both excel in self-discovery together. How fabulous! When you give your favorite book to a fellow bookworm they may also share in your feelings, although not everyone is the same, this is a sincere idea that connects people together.


Con: Y’all are best friends, but your book taste isn’t quite the same.


Just because you don’t like the same things, doesn’t mean one is lesser than the other. However, upper lips may still curl and conversations may go silent upon the opening of a book gift that is not your favorite… at all. You tend to know what your friend likes, so if you give them something and think, ‘why not? I love it so I’m sure they will to!’ Well that’s not going to work very well. You’re thinking of your taste rather than who you’re actually buying for. Books are personal, which sort of means to each his own. So make sure you get them something of their own.


Good luck shopping out there and remember; if it’s a book you’d like, they may or may not like it too… Sorry. Happy reading bookworms!


Feature Image Via Literary Hub