Only the lucky ones shop there

6 Fictional Bookstores We’d Love to Explore

We love our local bookstores, and we also LOVE fictional bookstores. Who wouldn’t want to roam the shelves of a fantasy land, filled with literature! Some are completely unrealistic and some seem straight from our hometown. From the wizarding world to the less abstract, movies and television shows have been full of some of the coolest bookstores ever.


These are our top five:


1. Flourish and Blotts

The Harry Potter bookstore is bursting at the seams with magic and gossip…but more importantly, magic. If books could transport people to a fantastical place, the books of Flourish and Blotts are likely even more potent.


2. Ray’s Occult Books

The Ghostbusters 2 bookstore didn’t last long – it was only a temporary solution as our favorite gang of ghost hunters lived through bankruptcy – but it certainly put a spin on the classic bookstore, with some New York City grittiness to boot.


3. Women and Women First

Unquestionably, the funniest skit in IFC’s irreverent Portlandia was the “Feminist Bookstore” skit. The reoccurring scene took shots at everything and created a book world where feminist texts could thrive…so long as they weren’t stuck on the top shelf.


4. Monsieur Labisse’s Bookshop

The world created in Hugo is oh so spectacular and oh so…French. The bookshop featured in the movie is no exception, with majestic books stacked a mile high in every direction, opening up the world to young kids everywhere.


5. The Village Bookstore

The opening triumph of Beauty and the Beast isn’t even the best scene featuring books in the classic – that honor belongs to the scenes involving the Beast’s library. Nevertheless, the whole stage for the plot is set by the characterization of Belle as a book lover who can’t put a good story down, even if there are very few at her disposal.


6. Embryo Concepts Bookstore

What a name! If you haven’t seen Funny Face, starring Audrey Hepburn (Jo Stockton) and Fred Astaire (Dick Avery), you really should; if not for the quirky story, then definitely for the bookstore. Avery and a fashion magazine publisher (played by Eloise author Kay Thompson), are looking for some models who can “think as well as they look.” In comes model Jo! They wind up doing a photo shoot at Embryo Concepts, right in the center of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. It turns out to be a super intellectual, albeit sinister looking bookstore. We’d love to read and stroll through this ‘fashionable’ bookstore! By the way, Funny Face is a musical.


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