5 YA Sci-Fi Books Any Star Wars Fan Will Love

Space, epic jedi battles, and Luke Skywalker are only a few reasons we’re obsessed with the  Star Wars movies. But what if you could find those very same things in a YA sci-fi?

Star Wars

Space, epic jedi battles, and Luke Skywalker are only a few reasons we’re obsessed with the  Star Wars movies. But what if you could find those very same things in a YA sci-fi? Check out these five books this Star Wars Day, and may the fourth be with you!

1. Zenith

Zenith cover

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Zenith received a lot of buzz back in 2017 when it was announced that popular Booktuber Sasha Alsberg was writing a book with Lindsay Cummings, author of The Murder Complex series. What began as a serialized novel got picked up by Harlequin Teen and can now be found at a bookstore near you!

This epic sci-fi book follows Andi, otherwise known as The Bloody Baroness. As a galactic mercenary, she’s feared by those around her–except her trusty crew aboard the Marauder ship, who are more acquainted with her softer side. If you love high stakes, Millennium Falcon-eqsue ships, and badass female characters–Zenith is for you!



2. The Diabolic

The Diabolic

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As a Diabolic, Nemesis’ sole purpose in life is to protect Sidonia, a galactic senator’s daughter, even if that means killing anyone who poses a threat to her life. But when an Emperor summons Sidonia to the court as his hostage, Nemesis must disguise herself as Sidonia and take her place. 

Star Wars heavily portrays galactic politics–especially in the prequel trilogy–making The Diabolic perfect for any Star Wars fan. As Nemesis is taken hostage by the Emperor, she must navigate court politics, all while hiding her abilities and convincing others that she is who she says she is. If you’re looking for a sci-fi that’s a little darker–with plenty of violent fight scenes–check out The Diabolic today!

3. These Broken Stars

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Think Star Wars meets Titanic, and you’ve just about summed up These Broken Stars

Co-written by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, the book follows Lilac–the daughter of the wealthiest man in the universe–and Tarver–a war hero–as the luxury ship they’re both on crash lands. Stuck together on a foreign planet, they must put aside their differences and help each other survive.

Lilac and Tarver’s relationship really screamed Leia and Han to me. You’ll love their snarky exchanges and hate-to-love romance as they look beyond their class differences and get to know each other.



4. Empress of a Thousand Skies

Empress of a Thousand Skies

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Galactic war between planets? Check. A princess trained to destroy those responsible for the death of her family? Check. A famous war refuge? Check. What more could you want?

When Crown Princess Rhiannon Ta’an is almost killed in an assassination plot, Alyosha is accused of the crime. But as the pair are forced to go into hiding, they realize that Rhiannon’s attempted murder is just a small part of a larger scheme. Any Star Wars fan is sure to love Rhiannon and Alyosha’s dynamic as they must fight to save the galaxy.

5. The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder book cover

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I know, I know; princess re-tellings don’t exactly scream Star Wars. But don’t let that stop you from picking up The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! Romance aside, the series features a richly-developed, futuristic world. While cyborgs and spaceships have become commonplace on Earth, Lunars inhabit the neighboring planet Lunar. As plague havocs Earth, world leaders desperately hope to ally with Queen Levana of Lunar in exchange for a cure. 

With enemies constantly on the crew’s tail and the future of Earth hanging in the balance, The Lunar Chronicles is action-packed enough to rival Star Wars.

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