5 YA Books on Magic to Read on Your Way Back to Hogwarts

Summer, it comes as quickly as it goes. Before we know it, we are no longer laying by the pool with our iced tea and our favorite book, basking in the sultry air, and practicing spells under our bedsheets in the dead of night. We are heading back to school, packing our bags, and counting our money to make sure we have enough Galleons to buy a pack of chocolate frogs to munch on during the train ride back to Hogwarts. Of course, some of us are dreading going back to school and spending all night in the library with Madam Pince, but most of us, including myself, look forward to September 1st and all the excitement it brings. We are ready to bask in the magic that is learning and get back on the Hogwarts Express to experience another delightful ride back to Europe’s most magical school. The train ride will be a long one, and when you finally run out of chocolate frogs (or Galleons for that matter), I have five young adult books on magic and wizardry that will get you ready for the school year to come. I promise they will leave you spellbound and have your wand exploding red sparks!


Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi




Ever since the night King Saran rid magic from her lands and killed her mother, Zelie Adebola has felt abandoned and defenseless. Her people, the Diviners, have lost hope. They have been oppressed by society because of the magic that bubbles – trapped – beneath their skin. When Zelie uncovers that she has the opportunity to save her people and restore their magic, she clenches the opportunity and runs with it. With the help of a princess, Zelie goes on a dangerous quest to save her people, learns how to control the new powers she has awakened, and outruns the crown prince, who is determined to stop Zelie and the restoration of magic at all costs.



Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin




Meet Louise le Blanc, a young witch that has fled her coven and forsaken her magical abilities, opting to live like a thief rather than a sorcerous. Meet Reid Diggory, a man who, his whole life, has been taught that witches are the epitome of evil, and they should be burned. The two young adults are enemies whose paths should never intertwine, but when a twist of fate pulls them together to be wed for holy matrimony, they find that their worlds will never be the same again.

Serpent and Dove is a book of love. It is a book where choices are made, where the war between the witches and the church might end up singeing anyone who gets caught in the crossfires.


Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo




When people looked at Alina Starkov, they saw a poor, dirty-faced orphan; a girl the Border Wars chewed up and spat out with its iron teeth. Naturally, Alina knew she was a waste of space, so she did not expect much of her life. She assumed she would die an orphan, and nothing more. Of course, that is until a great power inside of Alina erupts from her skin’s surface, an ability she did not even know dwelled inside of her. After that day, Alina is ripped from the reality she once beholds. She is transported to the royal court of the Geisha to train alongside the magical elite led by the Darkling. They believe she could be the force they have been searching for, who will finally have the power to destroy the Fold. Now Alina must embrace the fact that she is somebody; somebody who can save the future of her world.



Carry On by Rainbow Rowell




Simon Snow is the worst chosen one in the history of the chosen ones. Yes, he knows it. Yes, his friends know it. Yes, everyone in the entire magical world knows he cannot use his magic without blowing something sky high, but, despite everything, the magicians are in his corner. Simon Snow is their only hope to defeat the evil Humdrum, and without him, who else is supposed to fulfill the prophecy and save the fate of the entire magical realm? Nobody, that’s for sure.

Carry On is a lighthearted story that will make you chuckle. It is a classic Rainbow Rowell tale with a fantasy twist that has carried this book to the New York Times Bestseller List. If you just read Harry Potter and are looking for a similar tale about a magical school and a boy destined for greatest, let me tell you, Carry On is the book you have been wanting.


Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson




All her life, Elisabeth has recognized the sorcerers as evil. She knows this from growing up in one of Austermeer’s great libraries, surrounded by magical grimoires that can transform into monsters of ink and leather. Surprisingly, Elisabeth’s perspective of sorcerers starts to change when she teams up with a sorcerer and her sworn enemy, Nathaniel Thorn, after the library’s most dangerous grimoire gets released from its clutches and Elisabeth is charged with the crime. With Nathaniel’s help, Elisabeth helps uncover a century-old conspiracy that could ruin the very library she holds dear to her heart. She also starts to learn a little more about herself and that she holds a magical power that could change the balance of her future and the sorcerers she has always hated.


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