5 Thrift Book Sites To Try For All Your Syllabus Needs

Even though school may be online this semester, there is still no escaping the cost of textbooks and literature. Not to mention how much harder it is now to find an open used-bookstore. While there are many big companies online that sell books, there are also so many thrift sites to check out.

Here is a list of some online used-book sellers that will save you a ton of money.
(So now you can use the excess budget on finally getting Animal Crossing, because lets be honest, Zoom lectures are going to be boring without it).


1. Thrift Books

The Seattle based company began in 2003 selling books on Amazon. Today they are one of the largest online used-booksellers with over 13 million titles.



2. Bookshop



Bookshop helps readers order from local independent bookstores and support them. To this day, they have raised over 6 million dollars for independent bookstores all over America.

3. Alibris


The site is a marketplace for books, movies, music, and more. They provide a platform for independent sellers and buyers and support multiple charities, even donating unsold books to a program in Nepal.


4. Abe Books


Abe Books has been around since 1996 with a massive vintage and rare selection. But don’t worry, they didn’t stop there. They also have a huge collection of used books and textbooks to choose from, along with artwork and old prints.


5. Half Price Books



Half Price Books has physical locations across the country, as well as their popular site. They sell new and used books, textbooks, music and more, all at the name guarantee of half the price. They donate over a million books every year to charities and non-profits around the world.



feature image via financialplan.byu.edu