5 Signs You’re at a Gatsby Wanna-be Wedding

Even four years after Baz Luhrmann’s drama film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name, soon-to-be brides continue to search for ideas from this epic tale. This is perhaps because “The Great Gatsby” themed wedding is the best way for engaged couples to indulge themselves in luxurious décor and fancy costumes. As you’re throwing your extravagant party, you can have fun while showing that you really care about history and that you know all about the American way of life in the 1920s. Basically, you’d be living the American Dream without getting stung by the bitter aftertaste of the realities behind this façade. Here is a non-comprehensive list of things that Gatsby wanna-be weddings have in common.


1. Champagne Glass Tower

A tower of champagne glasses is an absolute must, is it not? Elegant glasses stacked at your wedding reception immediately signals to the guests that this is a party hosted by the upper echelons of society. Unnecessary and superficial, the excess spillage is still kind of pretty… right?




2. Wedding attire for the couple

There is a plethora of Art Deco dresses for brides to choose from. Sequins! Gems! These vintage-inspired, dropped-waist wedding dresses are often covered with too many embellishments. It doesn’t matter even if the dress is so heavy that you can’t walk down the aisle properly; as long as you look like the charming Daisy Buchannan, your dream wedding is halfway completed. Also, you can add to the opulent outfit with a fur scarf and some silk gloves. Be careful with holding your champagne glass when wearing those gloves though, even more spillage might happen. For the groom,  as long as you “beautiful shirts” you’ll do great!



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3. Framed place cards with quotes

Framed with thick metallic lines and embellished with a touch of sparkles, these heart-wrenching place cards are written with  love quotes you snatched from CliffsNotes or Goodreads. Without even opening the book, you can pick out lines like “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”, “It takes two to make an accident” or “I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” Only for those who’ve read the book will know that these quotes convey nothing but the hopelessness of unrequited love.




4. Pearls, lots and LOTS of pearls.

Anywhere and as much as possible. Besides around the neck and the wrist of the bride, pearls have an infinite number of uses at Gatsby-themed weddings. Your vase is empty? Fill it with pearls. The table seems a little boring? Drape a pearl necklace. Just make sure you have a bucket full of them at the ready because that’s how much you’ll appreciate them.




5. Short hair with fingerwaves

How can you forget this classy hairstyle that was so chic and trendy in the Jazz Age? What’s more, wouldn’t it be great to be compared to the charming blonde that ruined everything in the story? What was her name? Daisy… Daisy who?




Is there anything missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!


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