5 Reasons Why Us Bookworms Feel Everything So Deeply

I don’t want to sound all biased, but I have to say that bookworms are some of the best people on earth. Yes that is a big statement, but I think we can all agree that it’s a fact. We’re intellectual, funny, kind, emotional, and we can blow through 700 pages in about four days. What’s not to love?


We’re just like everybody else, but there is one thing that sets us apart from the average human being. We feel everything on a deeper level. You know I’m right on this. We get below the surface and we fall hard into things, some could even say we crash into them. Whatever we feel passionate about, expect that it will set us ablaze. These five reasons may be just what makes bookworms feel everything SO deeply.


1. We take on the emotions of the characters in the books we read.



You know you do this one. When we have the time to sit and read for a while, the mood in the air sort of changes depending on how the story is going. If it’s a sad part, everything around you seems more gray, when it’s happy the day feels hopeful. Even something more sensual can change your mood for the whole day (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). When you finally have to reenter the real world and put your book down the feelings of your character linger. You’re in deep my friend.


2. In a way, we all feel like we’re in our very own novel.



I am guilty as charged! We read things we enjoy and can relate to and learn from, because that’s what we want in our own life. So when a book really clicks with you, there’s no doubt you’ll wish it was your life long after you put it down. We want to feel like the characters and go on the adventures that they do. Taking a walk or being in the city at night is more than just that. All books have possibilities and we begin to feel and think in exactly that way. Everything has a story.


3. Bookworms read between the lines. Duh.




Our eyes don’t just look over the pages. We’re not amateurs. We absorb things, break them down, turn them around, change the angle, and analyze them for all they’re worth. This goes for books and all life scenarios. I for one can’t help myself; my need to break things down and find underlying meanings is actually annoying. But hey, it’s who we are right?


4. Us folks are empathetic as hell.



We get people because we have to! How could we read through a whole book if we were close-minded about other people’s feelings and points of view? A bookworm wants to be the one to simplify and give depth to a situation at the very same time. They understand how you’re feeling better than you do sometimes. Expect to be enlightened because of us.


5. Book folks get invested. Quickly and easily.


It’s both a blessing and a curse. Even in something or someone we don’t completely care for we will still find something that we like. Some of us can be all or nothing or just fall hard. And that’s okay! Avid readers love to feel things they don’t usually get to feel, so when there’s a slight hint of something good, we go all in.


Maybe not everyone agrees on these, but I’ll say this much: I never met a bookworm I didn’t like.


Featured Image Via Unsplash Ali Morshediou