Halloween Night

5 Plans To Spook Up Any Bookworm’s Halloween Night!

This is not a joke people! Halloween is less than two weeks away and we need some plans! Now, since we are booklovers, we’re usually in the mood for specific things at specific times. We like to have fun, but in a laid-back setting and at our own terms. Like everyone, I want something special to come from a night out; it’s got to be worth setting down a good book for!


Based on my own preference (as well as some of my friends), I’ve figured out some ideas for what we book folk can do the spookiest night of the year, All Hallows’ Eve! Which is really just fancy talk for Halloween. Whether you want to stay in and stuff yourself with sweet, glorious chocolate or throw on your best character costume and hang out with a few of your best friends, I’ve got your plans right here!


1. Stay in with some tasty treats and watch a harrowing movie!


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This is a common plan, but it will never get old! Although this may put you on duty for trick-or-treaters if you’re the only one home, it will definitely make for a more frightful night. Not frightful in the answering-the-door-in-your-ghost-pajamas sort of way, but the staying-home-alone-on-Halloween-night sort of way. That makes me feel like I’m going to turn into Jamie Lee Curtis and get stalked by Michael Myers. Let’s hope not.


But even if you have a friend with you, it’s fun, mysterious, and anything seems possible. If you’re looking for eerie films (or adaptations) try classics like The Shining, The Amityville Horror (my personal favorite), The Exorcist, Psycho, and, of course, Halloween. I love those. For those of you who want something less frightening, I’ve got Hocus Pocus for you! Nothing beats classic and old-school. If you want to be extra literary, dump the Reese’s (not really, though) and try candies like the famous chocolate frogs or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, grab some Wonka Bars and check out more on this sweet treat list! Haven’t you heard that staying in is the new going out? 


2. Dress up as your favorite literary character and go to a friend’s party!


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As terrifying as Halloween might seem, it can actually be rather comforting. You feel nostalgia in the air and, for the first time in a while, you feel like a kid again. That’s all thanks to the good ol’ costume. If you have a pure love for a certain story character, throw it together and show it off! We’re not saying go to a wild costume party at a club or dance hall, but if a friend is having a get-together or maybe you want to host one, then just do it! Here are some ideas, courtesy of us. To me, dressing up and celebrating with a few good friends is all you need to make the night magical. You got your drinks, your snacks, and some cool costumes…what more do you need? Whether it’s your house or theirs, think of fun games people would love to play! I’ve had some of my best memories at other friends’ houses for parties and celebrations. 


3. Read scary ghost stories all night long…


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If you’re the kind of person who creeps yourself out over the smallest thing, then hey, me too! Hearing creepy sounds or the light whistle of the wind can cause my mind to run rampant with every scary movie scene. I know, I’m the worst. But if you’re in one of those moods where you don’t feel like watching a movie and nothing on TV seems to satisfy you, then read it out. I’m talking stories, stories, and more stories. Ghost stories. You can find countless short ghost stories on line with just a quick search. Short would be better to fit in as much spooky as you can when you’re home alone on Halloween night. Try HuffPost‘s list of unbelievable haunting ghost stories. If you do have a great horror novel that you’re in the middle of then read it all through the night. Enhance your chilling fear by reading in the dark with a night light. Although these stories may be short, the feeling that you’re not alone can still linger in the air.


4. Check out local bookstore parties!


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This is as bookish as it gets for Halloween. Check out your local bookstore or one that’s not too far from you, chances are they’re having a party and you definitely have to grace them with your presence! Impress your fellow bookworms with your character costume and chat with other readers about your favorite horror novels, this is the number one way to get your book recommendations: word of mouth. If you’re in New York for Halloween, check out Strand Bookstore’s smashing party and costume contest! If not, then keep searching. Bookstores know bookworms love something different.


5. Visit a haunted house…


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Yes, I said it and I don’t take it back. I know everyone is different, but if we as readers enjoy a good scary read then why not a good scare in person? I love books because I love thrills. Isn’t that why we read in the first place? To experience something different from everyday life? Haunted houses are all over now. Some are really haunted and some are just made as attractions. I do not mean the ones where you sign a waiver beforehand so you can be grabbed; you want a bit of a fright, not full-blown terror. But rather than rowdy clubs and bars, haunted houses are the next best hotspot for Halloween.


These are merely suggestions and ideas to get your mind going for the Halloweekend. Everyone’s got different tastes and maybe some of you bookworms want to let your freak flag fly rather than reel it in. If that’s the case I have three words for you: go for it. As long as you do something fun, safe, and frightening, you’re basically set. Hope this helps and spook on, my friends.




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