5 New Fantasy Titles!

These five new books are titles you can’t miss and the fall is the perfect time of year to get lost in the fantasy genre.

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What a glorious week it is to read some new fantasy novels. It’s always a good week to read new books, and even if you don’t have time to read them this week, that’s what a TBR list is for. These five new books are titles you can’t miss and the fall is the perfect time of year to get lost in the fantasy genre.


1. Cemetery Boys by aiden thomas

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Cemetery Boys tells the story of Yadriel, an individual trying to prove himself to his family after he reveals his true gender to them. He enlists the help of his cousin, Maritza, to find the ghost of their mudered cousin and to set him free. However, instead of summoning the ghost of his cousin, they summon the ghost of the school bad boy, Julian Diaz. And Julian isn’t ready to crossover until he figures out how he died and takes care of some things. So, Yadriel agrees to help Julian, and the more time he spends with him, the more he realizes he doesn’t want Julian to leave.


2. Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin

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Blood and Honey is the sequel to the Serpent and Dove novel. Lou, Reid, Ansel, and Coco, are now on the run after barely escaping the Dame Blanches. They have nowhere to hide, considering they are running from the coven, the church and the kingdom, and in order to fight off these groups they need allies. And in order to get them, they’re going to have to split up. As they work to close the gap between their worlds, Lou and Reid find themselves in a game of cat and mouse that is being led by Morgane. This game is set to destroy a lot more than a coven.



3. The Lost Book of White by Cassandra Clare

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The Lost Book of White is the second book in the Eldest Curse series. Magnus and Alec are living their best life in their loft in New York, with thier son Max, until someone breaks into their loft and steals the Lost Book of White. Now they have to drop everything to get it back. To make matters worse, Magnus has been stabbed with a strange sword that is causing his wound to glow. They enlist the help of Clary, Jace, Isabella, and Simon, to travel to Shanghai to catch these theives. When they get to Shanghai, they learn there is a lot more to be worried about than the book; one of which is how Magnus’ magic is weakening. If they can’t stop these demons, they will have no choice but to follow them to the source. Now they must stop this huge threat to the world!


4. Legendborn by Tracey Deonn

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Legendborn tells the story of Bree Matthews and how her life changed when her mother died. After her mother’s death, Bree wanted nothing to do with anything from her childhood, not even her memories or her home. So, being sent to a program for scholars was the perfect escape. However, on her first night she witnesses something strange. Bree sees a demon feeding on the energies of humans and she discovers a society called “the Legendborns” that hunt down these demons. She also encounters a teenage mage that refers to himself as a Merlin, who tries to wipe her memories of everything she saw. What a first night. The mage’s failure at erasing her memories unlocks Bree’s magic and also a buried memory of what happened on the night her mother had died. Now Bree knows there is a lot more to her mother’s death than she thought and to get the truth she recruits the help of Nick, an exile of the Legendborns, to get into the society and find out the truth about her mother. But they learn some secrets when they enter. Bree also learns that a magical war is coming and she has to decide if she wants to take down the Legendborn or join them in the fight.



5. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

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A Deadly Education  tells the story of El and Scholmance, a school for the magically gifted. As a student, El begins to uncover many secrets. For one, there are no holidays, no teachers, no friendships, and failure could mean death. Survival is the main component at this school- more than letter grades- considering the students aren’t allowed to leave until graduation unless they happen to die first. The main rule is to not walk the halls alone, but El is somehow prepared for the dangers lurking in this school. El has a power strong enough to elminate millions of people, and even though she can defeat the monsters in the school, her dark power could also harm the innocent students.



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