5 Latest Poetry Books highlighting Black power in New Voices

You do not need to be a poetry fan to dive into these marvelous work of literature. Representing black lives, freedom, exploration of the self and rage these books explore new themes and disclose new voices. Let’s see what journey each one of these entail.

The Hill We Climb and Other Poems by Amanda Gorman


We all know Amanda Gorman, the youngest presidential inaugural poet in US history, who is committed to advocate for gender equality and justice. This book includes “The Hill We Climb” along with her other poems presenting an energizing and unforgettable new voice of America. Get yourself fully immersed in the light and beauty of the words of Amanda Gorman who is set to make the world a better place.


The Collection Plate: Poems by Kendra Allen




A buoyant and deeply woven poetry collection with a new voice depicting the experiences of girlhood, Blackness, sex, and personhood in America. Written by Kendra Allen, award-winning essayist and poet, this book brings personal narrative and cultural commentary, wrestling with the beauty and brutality to be found between mothers and daughters, young women and the world, Black bodies and white space, virginity and intrusion, prison and freedom, birth and death. Both formally exciting and a delight to read, The Collection Plate is a testament to Allen’s place as the voice of a generation and a witness to how we come into being in the twenty-first century.


Field Study by Chet’la Sebree




Seeking to understand the fallout of her relationship with a white man, the poet Chet’la Sebree attempts a field study of herself. Scientifically, field studies are objective collections of raw data, devoid of emotion. But during the course of a stunning lyric poem, Sebree’s control over her own field study unravels as she attempts to understand the depth of her feelings in response to the data of her life. The result is a singular and provocative piece of writing, one that is formally inventive, playfully candid, and soul-piercingly sharp.


Skin of the Sun by Erick Blue



Skin of the Sun honors the black story by reflecting the Black struggle and its pain while offering optimism and truth. This book travels through childhood victories and challenges, moments through social injustice, solace in black pride and liberation, taking the reader on an authentic journey many African Americans and Black people can relate to. This emotion filled experience establishes hope and inspiration with each poem spreading it’s love to the reader.


I am the rage By Dr. Martina McGowan




This evocative collection of thirty poems puts readers in the position of feeling, reflecting, and empathizing with what it means to be Black in America today. Dr. Martina McGowan, a doctor and grandmother who has been a victim of and an advocate against social, racial, and sexual injustices, uses powerful free verse poetry to express the range of emotions, thoughts, and grief she had following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests, and the ongoing attacks against the Black community.


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