5 Green Eggs and Ham Recipes That Aren’t Gross

In honor of 60 years of the Dr Seuss classic, here are some green eggs and ham recipes that actually look edible. (@SamIAm will you eat them now?)

60 years ago, Dr Seuss released what would become one of his most famous works. Green Eggs and Ham was wildly popular and is still avidly read today. You didn’t have a childhood if at some point you didn’t wonder whether or not you would actually eat green eggs and ham. But let’s be real, it always looked so gross. Sam-I-Am seemed like a grumpy guy unwilling to try new things but in reality, he just didn’t want to spend hours in the bathroom that day.

For nostalgia’s sake, here are 5 green eggs and ham recipes that even Sam-I-Am could get behind.

1. these fluffy pesto eggs


image via head bangers kitchen


2. these dye-free spinach eggs


image via the food charlatan



3. these leafy green eggs


image via the kitchn


4. this pastel green avocado egg salad


image via babaganoush.org


5. this (very) bright pot pan concoction


image via food.com



Happy eating!!

feature image via the guardian