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5 Fun Facts About the Cast of ‘Twin Peaks’

Article by Carson Thornton González

In 1991, as the final episode of Twin Peaks came to a close, Agent Cooper promised to see us again in 25 years. After a 26 year hiatus – only slightly delayed – David Lynch’s surreal show will make a reappearance on Showtime come May 21st. In preparation for the third and final season, we have been re-watching the show, trying to solve the mystery of Laura Palmer’s death and falling more in love with Kyle MacLachlan’s character by the minute. To keep us distracted as we eagerly await the arrival of the new season, here are a few fun facts about the original cast.


1. Peggy Lipton (played by actress Norma Jennings) is Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones’s mother. 

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Most famously known for her role in The Mod Squad, Lipton has had an incredibly successful career as an actress and is also a former model. What you may not know is she is Rashida Jones’s mother. Jones played Leslie Knope’s best friend in Parks and Recreation and was also one of Jim Halpert’s love interests in The Office.


2. During the filming of the first and second season, two of the actors were actually dating. 

Originally, Agent Cooper and Audrey’s love was supposed to blossom into a relationship. However, drama on set didn’t allow for it. At the time, Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) was dating co-star Lara Flynn Boyle. That being said, it makes sense that Lara Flynn Boyle and Sherilynn Fenn (Audrey) did not get along very well.


3. Zooey Deschanel’s dad directed three episodes of Twin Peaks, and her mom played Donna Hayward’s mother, Eileen.

Image courtesy of Zimbo

We already knew that Zooey Deschanel has a talent-rich family, what with her own acting and singing success along with that of her sister Emily Deschanel (star of TV show Bones). But who knew her mother and father played such huge roles in the making of Twin Peaks? Caleb Deschanel has had great success in the film industry as both a cinematographer and director.


4. Star of the show Kyle MacLachlan went on to play hugely successful roles after Twin Peaks finished airing in 1991. 

Image courtesy of The Red List

If you don’t recognize pictures of Agent Cooper, the young, handsome face from the original Twin Peaks, the name Orson Hodge may ring a bell. For over six years, MacLachlan played the easy-to-dislike husband of Bree Vanderbilt on Desperate Housewives. While 15 years older than Agent Cooper, MacLachlan still has the charisma and charm that made Agent Cooper the successful detective in Twin Peaks.


5. David Lynch played a role in his own series, and will return for Season 3.

Die-hard David Lynch fans would recognize him anywhere, but many don’t know that he played the hard-of-hearing sheriff Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks. While Lynch is the mastermind behind this creepy show, he plays a funny and lighthearted character who brings comic relief to the suspense-filled drama. The best part: Showtime CEO David Nevins has confirmed that Sheriff Cole will return in a bigger part than before!


Featured image courtesy of The Huffington Post