5 Fictional Presidents to Get You Through Inaguration

Need something to read to get you through this year’s inauguration? This list has 5 reads with fictional presidents you should read to get you in the political mood!

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If there’s one thing tat you probably want to forget about from 2020, it’s the American presidential election. It was days of anxiousness as we awaited unclear results. However, now that is over and we have finally made it to the 2021 inauguration. With the current state of the country, anything could happen, so here are five fictional presidents to get you through the inauguration.


1. American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld


American Wife Book Cover


American Wife follows Alice Lindgren, the future first lady of the United States. As the author creates Alice’s story from her upbringing to a tragic accident at seventeen, her ideals are challenged when the son of a Republican family sweeps her off her feet over a decade later. After she unexpectedly enters a world of privilege and comes to be the first lady, she learns she is married to a man she loves yet fundamentally disagrees with. When her husband’s presidency enters its second term, she must face her true beliefs, confront her contradictions, and answer difficult questions. In this novel, we see the presidency from the eyes of the first lady which creates a breath of fresh air and shows what lies beyond a public facade. This story is essential for getting you through this year’s inauguration!


2. Eighteen Acres by Nicole Wallace


Eighteen Acres Book Cover


While the closest we’ve ever been to having a woman as president was in 2016, this novel imagines a world in which that actually happens. Eighteen Acres follows Charlotte Kramer — the first female president— and her staff as they handle threats from within her own cabinet and outsiders from abroad. The president and her staff are working on her campaign for re-election when rumors of her husband’s infidelity are released. Also,  errors of judgment on part of Charlotte’s closest national security advisor adds flame to the fire, creating an upheaval that threatens the safety of the American people and her presidency. This novel is the political and family drama that will not only get you through the inauguration but challenge you to reimagine the world of politics.


3. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-smith


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Book Cover


This 2010 novel turned 2012 motion picture film directed by Tim Burton, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is THE novel you need to get you through inauguration. In an alternate world, the sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, is a vampire hunter seeking vengeance against vampires for the death of his mother. This story of vampire hunting Lincoln is unknown to the world until discovered by Seth Grahame-Smith in The Secret Journal of Abraham Lincoln for the first time in over 140 years. Using the journal, the author reconstructs the life of the president in a biographical style as if you are reading Lincoln’s own secret journal. This novel will put the flair back into historical fiction you are looking for with a fun supernatural element!


4. Wide Awake by David Levithan


Wide Awake Book Cover


Wide Awake is a win for queer representation in novels. Following the first Jewish and gay president, this novel tells the story of an America full of change. The novel is set in the future where this new president has been elected, showing immense progression in this country until one governor decides some of the election results in his state are invalid. He instead decides to distribute critical votes to his fellow party member, the other candidate. This ignites a young queer couple, Jimmy and Duncan, to lend their support to the president by participating in protests. This author offers a politically charged novel that’s perfect to get you through the inauguration with a more ideal America that allows room for diversity and growth. However, the novel doesn’t fail to remind us of the realities of when the democratic process is called into question, and when basic human rights are at risk.


5. Crooked by Austin grossman


Crooked Book Cover


If you are into politics and have a taste for magic, this may be the perfect novel for you! In Crooked, the infamous president and main character, Richard Nixon, reveals the secret of modern American politics as imaged in the supernatural world created by Austin Grossman. Gossman combines international intrigue, Lovecraftian suspense, and a presidential marriage with its own secrets in a heroic saga. This novel is perfect to get you through inauguration as it takes you back to the past with an enticing twist. Check out this novel to experience the epic battle waged by Richard Nixon, the American anti-hero, against the occult.


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