5 Fictional Couples Who Set The Bar Too High

As if our expectations weren’t high enough, these fictional couples really raised the bar for us. What’s wrong with trying to find the Peeta to our Katniss?

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Fictional couples are always a fun thing to look out for in books or television. They just bring so much life and love to the table. Sometimes, the pair is just so perfect that we can’t help but have them set the bar for our next relationship. Here’s five fictional couples who give us extremely high expectations for romantic love. Really, who else is doing it like them?



Leslie & Ben from Parks and Recreation




Imagine having a significant other who is just like you, but still unique in their own special way. That’s what Leslie and Ben are. From waffles to Game of Thrones, the couple are super geeky and literally two peas in a pod. They give each other unconditional support in everything they do, while also keeping it real (remember Ben’s claymation project?). Someone to love and appreciate our nerdy side, please!


Nick & Charlie from Heartstopper




Nick and Charlie really got the best in each other. They were first classmates and teammates before confessing their feelings to each other. This made for such an instant bond once they became boyfriends. They knew how to reassure each other about their fears, their families love each other (minus Nick’s evil brother), and they’re just so perfect! Nothing sounds more amazing than falling in love with your best friend. It’s the full package!


Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games trilogy




The first ship for many Gen Z’s, Katniss and Peeta are the couple who prove that opposites attract. One is a grumpy pants, the other is a big softie. Regardless of their different personalities, they love each other unconditionally. Peeta gives Katniss bread from his family’s bakery when she’s looking to feed her family. Katniss stays with Peeta even after he’s been brainwashed to hate her. We just want someone to look at us the way Peeta does with Katniss!


Sarai & Lazlo from Strange The Dreamer




They met in his dreams and fell in love from there. To think, she could’ve scared him into a nightmare like she did with others, but she didn’t. It was like an instant connection. It seriously doesn’t get any sweeter than this. We can only hope to fall in love with someone we recognize from our dreams too. It can’t be that hard, right? So don’t mind us, we’re going to catch some sleep and see if we find a love like Sarai or Lazlo in the meantime.


Elizabeth & Darcy from Pride and Prejudice




Ah, enemies to lovers. Personally, my favorite trope in romance novels. Elizabeth and Darcy are the creators of this. They went from despising each other the moment they met to being deeply in love with each other and wanting no one else but each other. How romantic! While we wouldn’t want our future partner to hate us in real life, we don’t mind the dramatic buildup that eventually leads to a kiss in the rain.