5 Fantasy Worlds We’d Love to Live In

World building is a huge part of any fantasy story. When done well, all we want is to be by the protagonist’s side, exploring the world and learning its ins and outs. Here are five of the most exciting fictional worlds we wish we could live in. 

1. The Shire of Middle-Earth

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The quaint world of the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings looks like the ideal place for a reader. You’d be surrounded by lush gardens and forests to read in, benevolent people, pubs, and possibly a visit from a wizard. The Shire has all we need: spending the days eating 6 meals, reading, and tending to our garden. 

2. Narnia

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After finishing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as children, we went into our closets hoping ours could lead to fantasy worlds as well. It was my first fantasy read as a child, and I wanted nothing more than to visit or live there because it is the perfect place for a kid or adult! There’s Turkish delight, adventure, and benevolent talking animals. 

3. Hogwarts

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Who doesn’t want to see a Quidditch game or watch the steps on the Marauder’s Map? Readers love the Harry Potter series for its relationships and magic, but the school where Harry and his friends went adds charm to the story. We want to visit Hogwarts, ride in a flying car and cast spells. The real world always looks so bland after a few pages in Rowling’s. 

4. Wonderland

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Alice’s journey was filled with some of the most colorful characters in literary history. We still remember the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and Mad Hatter years after finishing the novel. Besides the fun characters, it’s a constantly changing world where nothing stays consistent, so you’ll never know what to expect. 

5. Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars fans love to buy merchandise so we can pretend to be in the movies. Riding around with Chewbacca, speeding into hyperspace, and lightsaber battles all sound amazing, but it doesn’t stop there. The clothes, interesting characters, and varying planets makes the Star Wars universe look like a constant adventure.


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