5 Fantasy Series Totally Worth Reading

If you are as much of a fantasy fan as I am, and need some new reads, then look no further! Here are five fantasy series that are totally worth reading.

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If you are as much of a fantasy fan as I am, and need some new reads, then look no further! Here are five fantasy series that are totally worth reading, you are definitely going to want to add these to your “to be read” list.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

This series is one of my all time favorite fantasy series because it truly has it all: romance, fantasy, adventure, and amazing characters.  The series follows Feyre, who is a human that provides for her poor family by hunting. One day when she ends up killing a fae in the form of a wolf, she gets takes to the land of fae people to await trial. In the land of the fae each section is separated by courts, such as the Spring Court and the Night Court. Once Feyre gets taken away she gets swept up into the world of fae, navigating her way, and fighting to survive. If you are a fan of Sarah J. Maas then you must check out this series of hers!


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Throne of Glass series

This series is another favorite of mine, one that is also by Sarah J Maas and it is full of romance and adventure as well. Throne of Glass follows Caelena, who is known as a dangerous assassin throughout the land. She uses this title to her advantage by becoming the King’s personal assassin, allowing her to infiltrate the kingdom and get revenge for her family. Her plan of vengeance is much harder than she thought it to be, when she begins to develop friendships and romance within the castle. If you are looking for a new series that is exciting and full of amazing plot twists, then you must check out the Throne of Glass series.


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House of Night

House of Night is the perfect series for fans of a good vampire series. House of Night is about teen Zoey Redbird, who has been selected to attend a vampire school where she will eventually become a vampire. This series just gets better with every book, taking you deeper into the lives of Zoey and her tight knit group of friends. If you are looking for a series full of adventure, romance, and lively characters, then you must check out House of Night. This series is the perfect one to sink your teeth into this summer!


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Infernal Devices

This series is my go-to read for a good fantasy series. Cassandra Clare brings readers back in time in this shadowhunters trilogy. The series follows Tessa Gray, who after being kidnapped finds out that she has the power of shapeshifting. After being forced to use her power for the bidding of the evil Dark Sisters, Tessa gets rescued by handsome shadowhunters Will and Jem. After taking her to the London institute, where Tessa seeks shelter, she is assisted by fellow shadowhunters who help her get answers. This series has one of my favorite book couples ever, meaning that it is full of beautiful romance and friendship. If you are in a reading slump I definitely recommend checking this series out because it’s an absolute treasure!


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Hush,Hush is one of my favorite fantasy series, its one that I keep coming back to when I need a good read. Hush,Hush follows teen Nora Grey whose entire life is flipped upside down when she is forced to become health partners with new and mysterious student Patch. Once the two collide things for Nora will never be the same. Soon enough Nora begins to notice that Patch is just about everywhere she goes, that things may not be as the seem. Hush Hush takes reads into a mystical journey into a world of angels and an epic love story.


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Now is the perfect time to dive into a magical fantasy series! So, find a good reading spot and enter into their fantastical worlds!