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5 Date Ideas for Book Lovers

Not sure what to do with your book-loving valentine this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five date ideas any book lover will enjoy. These can all be done from the comfort of your home or socially distanced to have a safe and romantic bookish Valentine’s Day!



1. Go to your local bookstore and compare your favorite novels

Head to your local bookstore (following proper social distancing guidelines) with your valentine. Spend the day perusing the book-filled aisles and compare your favorite novels with your favorite bookworm. For extra credit, impress your valentine by buying them that novel (or several) that’s been on their TBR list.


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2. Have a book-to-movie marathon

Looking for the perfect at-home date? Why not have a book-to-movie marathon with your valentine! We all know book to movie adaptations are notorious for falling short compared to the books that inspired them, so spend the evening laughing with your special bookworm at all the details the movie got wrong. And most importantly, don’t forget the snacks!


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3. Have a book-themed dinner

Looking for another at-home date? Have a book-themed dinner with your valentine! Cook them all their favorite literary foods and spend the night pretending as if you are the characters in your favorite novels. Make a roast chicken inspired by Hemingway’s Moveable Feast, crispy roast potatoes inspired by The Secret Garden, and, of course, Harry Potter inspired butterbeer. Your bookish valentine will surely be impressed!


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4. Picnic in the park with books

If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor date, then why not have a picnic in a park? Be sure to bring your favorite book to read! Pack a basket with your favorite foods, a blanket, and, of course, books. Spend the day reading and enjoying your favorite foods with your valentine!


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5. Stargaze while listening to audiobooks

Another very romantic outdoor bookish date is to go stargazing while listening to your favorite audiobook. Head outside with a blanket and some speakers and gaze away while being serenaded by your favorite story! What’s more romantic than that?


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