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5 Classic Works That Became Awesome Comic Books

There’s a quote floating around that says greatness is usually born from greatness. When it comes to graphic narratives born from classic novels, we’re inclined to agree. Who would’ve thought these works would ever receive such an animated twist?


And we’re just in time… Comic Con hits New York this week and it’s creating a buzz like no other! Characters from comics, TV shows, adaptations, you name it and people cosplay it. Excitement surrounds the 12th year of Comic Con and crowds of up to 180,000 are expected. That’s a lot of characters…


Now, if you don’t have a costume and want to get in on the fun I don’t blame you. I want to be a superhero for a couple days too. But I’ve got an easier way. If your footing in the graphic narrative world is uneasy, then start off with something familiar. I’ve got five graphic novels that were born from the classic works we’ve read before. Do these ring a bell?…


1. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaptation, illustrated by Tim Hamilton


'Fahrenheit 451'

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Ray Bradbury’s award-winning work is the foundation for this fiery adaptation and unique art. Thanks to the revamped visual story we can now see the true evil of the world Montag is trapped in.


2. Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Classics), illustrated by Hugo Petrus


'Pride and Prejudice'

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A true classic and a personal favorite, the charming Lizzy Bennet is even cuter as an animation and the topic of marriage feel less dire for the eccentric family. Could animated Darcy ever be less intimidating?


3. King Lear (Graphic Shakespeare) (Shakespeare Graphic Library), illustrated by Ian Pollock


'King Lear'

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Think you can’t handle Shakespeare? Think again! Ian Pollock illustrates the honor, revenge, and rich language that surrounds all of Shakespeare’s works. This is perfect for any first-time Shakespeare readers.


4. Classics Illustrated 9: The Jungle (Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels), illustrated by Peter Kuper


'The Jungle'

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I would’ve never guessed that Upton Sinclair’s muckraking skills could be illustrated, but here they are. This book highlights major events in society through the eyes of an immigrant fresh in America in 1906.


5. Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend (Graphic Novel), illustrated by Elman Brown


'I Am Legend'

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This graphic novel follows Richard Matheson’s story of one human’s quest for life among an Earth run by the undead. We get a visual on what it truly means to survive.


Check out these graphic novels in honor of Comic Con this week! They’re exciting twists on popular novels and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your own cosplay inspiration.


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