Covers of "My Beautiful Birds" and "Lost and Found Cat"

5 Children’s Books That Tackle the Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis has displaced more people than any time in history. By the end of 2015, 65.3 million people were asylum-seekers, refugees, or internally displaced. That’s almost 1% of the global population. Given how far-reaching this is, it’s important to educate younger generations on how this emergency affects people’s lives. Many children’s authors have risen to the occasion. We’ve assembled a few children’s books that humanize refugees.


5. “Adriana’s Angels” by Ruth Goring, ill. Erika Meza


"Adriana's Angels"

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This book takes readers back to the 1990s in Colombia, where a family must flee to find a new home in Chicago. Following Adriana, the story shows two guardian angels helping her manage during her difficult adjustment. “Adriana’s Angels” will be released September 12.


4. “Lost and Found Cat” by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes, ill. Sue Cornelison


"Lost and Found Cat" cover

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This book follows the true story of an Iraqi family fleeing from Mosul who loses their beloved pet cat. Miraculously, they are reunited four months later…in Norway. Kuntz and Shrodes were volunteering in Greece when they encountered this story, and decided to bring it to young audiences. “Lost and Found Cat” is out now.


3. “Stepping Stones” by Margriet Ruurs, art by Nizar Ali Badr


"Stepping Stones" cover

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This picture book uses Nizar Ali Badr’s unique stone artwork to tell the story of a family fleeing civil war in an unnamed country. They can only bring very little with them as they seek asylum in Europe. “Stepping Stones” is out now.


2. “The Banana-Leaf Ball” by Katie Smith Milway, ill. Shane W. Evans


"Banana-Leaf Ball" cover

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Set in a refugee camp in Tanzania, “The Banana-Leaf Ball” follows the story of Deo, who finds peace and safety by practicing soccer with his fellow refugees. “The Banana-Leaf Ball” is out now.


1. “My Beautiful Birds” by Suzanne Del Rizzo


"My Beautiful Birds" cover

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Forced to flee Syria, Sami finds a new home with his family. But he can never really move on knowing his pet pigeons were left behind, and may be in danger. This story explores how refugee children struggle to heal. “My Beautiful Birds” is out now.


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