'The Bold Type'

5 Books to Read If You Can’t Wait for ‘The Bold Type’ to Come Back

I will say this first: I can count on one hand the amount of shows I keep up with. I don’t always like to go with the crowd or follow the reviews, but that’s just me. However, I have broken my usual habits and I am fully backing one of the hit shows on Freeform. When I sat down to watch the first episode of The Bold Type, I wasn’t expecting to be too impressed. I’m no expert, it’s just that shows get dropped so easily and seem to lack that certain something to capture you. This time was different.


The show, geared toward millennial females, follows three young women living in New York City who work together at one of the biggest women’s magazines. They lean on each other for the various challenges they face, every day seems to be a lesson and a laugh. It’s funny, witty, endearing, lovable, and empowering as hell. It’s already picked up for two more seasons, and if you’ve been following it like me, you’re just waiting for it to come back on! If you need a similar fix, I’ve found five books that will be just the type you need until Jane, Kat, and Sutton return.


1. Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel by Charity Shumway 


'Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel'

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Trying to make it in New York City in the magazine biz ain’t an easy thing to do, especially with an ex still in the picture and a kooky roommate. Yet Dawn still manages to get a big break following Charm Magazine’s ‘Ten Girls to Watch’. She tries to maneuver through her own life while being inspired by these ten incredible women. Each and every story could help her find her own happy ending.


2. The Most of Nora Ephron by Nora Ephron 


'The Most of Nora Ephron'

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If you’re a fan of this show, you know what I mean when I say, ‘I’m Nora Ephron, bitch.’ The renowned author, columnist, and reinventor of the romantic comedy genre gives us her all in this beautiful memoir. Her journalistic work and essays on feminism, careers, politics, and the funniest takes on everyday life are all wrapped into one…including the screenplay for When Harry Met Sally. This is a must, ladies.


3. This Is Really Happening by Erin Chack 


'This Is Really Happening'

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From the hand of a Buzzfeed senior editor, this collection of personal essays will feel like the words of a close hilarious friend. From first kisses to anxiety to keeping resilience and passion on the path to a career, this book is sure to capture the heart of The Bold Type fans. Its relatability, honesty, and charm is the mixture we’ve been waiting for.


4. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion 


'The Year of Magical Thinking'

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This legendary writer and journalist puts together a human, honest, and vulnerable book for anyone who lives by their love and flaws. Following her married life, Didion illustrates the love, passion, self, and hardships it takes to truly love and be loved.


5. These Days Are Ours by Michelle Haimoff


'These Days Are Ours'

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A novel set just six months after 9/11 follows jobless college grad Hailey as she tries to navigate a city that feels like a warzone. She’s stuck with her parents in her 5th avenue apartment while her friends have their trust funds and Morgan Stanley jobs. When her friends stay out all night scheming up ways to get rich, she meets Adrien. He’s a Brown grad with no place in Hailey’s upper-class life, but she soon begins to realize the more she sees the less she knows.


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