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5 Books John Green Knows You’ll Love

I’ve come to realize that everyone has their time to shine and work hard.


However, award-winning bestseller John Green has been working hard since he released his first book,  Looking For Alaska. Now, the author, who has been quiet for five years, is releasing his new book with a bang and everyone is going crazy (in a good way)! 


Turtles All the Way Down will be released October 10th, but for now, we’ve got a few more reads for you while you’re waiting. Green has a book list that has us reaching for our bookmark while we wait on him. Take a gander at these five books that Green recommends (so, of course, we’ll like them too).


1. A Thousand Mornings: Poems by Mary Oliver


'A Thousands Mornings'

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This book of poems will pull you into another world even if you’re just sitting on your couch or riding the train. Oliver invites us to her home in Provincetown, Massachusetts along the marshy coastline with her dog Percy. From the birds to the trees to all the beauty in between, Oliver teaches us how the smallest moments are truly the biggest.


2. An Island to Oneself by Tom Neale


'An Island To Oneself'

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This is an autobiography about the art and human response to survival and being on your own. Thomas Francis Neale was a New Zealander who lived his simple life on the Cook Islands. As a survival enthusiast he went on to have three additional stays on the island of Anchorage over the course of sixteen years. This book will give you a sort of diary from the man who didn’t mind being alone.


3. Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson


'Midnight Robber'

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For those readers looking for a twist of magic, then this may entice you. This award-winning book focuses on a Caribbean-colonized planet and brings the time of Carnival to a whole new level. When the protagonist dresses up as the Robber Queen, she falls into another world of trouble. Soon she finds herself living in myth to gain all the powers the Robber Queen has in order to save herself. Mystified yet?


4. The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green by Joshua Braff


'The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green'

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Want to laugh? Jacob Green is all of us when it comes to moments we dread. He doesn’t want to disappoint his dad, but his mind has been preoccupied with public school bullies, secretive older siblings, and awkward sex ed classes taught by his nanny. Disappoint your dad and tell him the truth or stay safe inside your mind? Green is funny and relatable either way.


5. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler



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Octavia E. Butler wants to leave you on the edge of your seat here, wondering ‘when’ and ‘why’. On the day of her twenty-sixth birthday Dana is suddenly taken and transported to a plantation in the old south. With slavery running rampant she is now living to work and follow the rules of the plantation owners. Each time she is pulled deeper into this era it’s harder and more dangerous to find a way out. Here, we learn how going back could mean going forward.


Although we’ve been rooting for John Green and his upcoming book release, we’re sure he has some incredible suggestions on hand. If you’re a fan of the author, then you could pick up one of these treasure troves and see for yourself. It takes a book lover to know a book lover, right?


Feature Image Via Prasanna Kumar on Unsplash