5 Books Inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Dive down the rabbit hole with these five books!

Alice in Wonderland has inspired so many films, books, songs, video games, and even costumes. Lewis Carroll wrote a story that has intrigued and inspired readers and writer for years. There are editions of his book that break down the riddles, both mathematical and linguistic, for its readers, and the scholarship that surrounds this tale is expansive. That, in and of itself, would fill many books–and it has.

For the time being though, let’s explore five books that were inspired by Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.



1. “Heartless”

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Heartless is Marissa Meyer’s take on the Queen of Hearts, but instead of focusing on the events that take place in Alice in Wonderland, Meyer takes interest in the queen’s background. Catherine is the favorite of the King of Hearts, but she doesn’t want to pursue the role of queen. Instead, she wants to become a baker and open up a shop with her dear friend. She doesn’t want marriage or a relationship. Only when she meets Jest, the court jester, does Catherine take romantic interest in someone. So, damning the consequences, the two begin a secret relationship together. Read this book to find out what happens!



2. “Alice in Zombieland”


Alice In Zombieland
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I have a secret love for books with zombies. Alice in Zombieland most definitely presents a fun premise, where we have a young Alice fighting the undead to avenge her family. Gena Showalter‘s take on Carroll’s story follows Alice, naturally, who lost her family in the blink of an eye to the legion of the undead. She must team up with Cole Holland, a boy who has secrets that could doom the two of them.

3. “alice”

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You might be noticing that some of these stories are a bit gritty. Alice, written by Christina Henry, definitely presents a dark vision of Alice and the events of Carroll’s original narrative. The story begins with a woman in a hospital who has no memory of who she is. She recalls rabbit ears, a tea party, and blood, but nothing much else. When a fire breaks out in the hospital, the woman takes the opportunity to flee. Now outside in the city, she must seek out the beast that is lurking at its heart, and she must also reclaim her memory in the process.



4. “the curious case of mary ann”


The Curious Case of Mary Ann
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Does anyone remember the white rabbits housemaid, Mary Ann? Well, Jenn Thorson certainly does. The Curious Case of Mary Ann follows the white rabbit’s housemaid after her sudden disappearance. Having witnessed her father’s murder, Mary Ann must go into hiding. She starts to parse through the events that led up to her father’s death, and she soon finds herself coming up against Wonderland’s royalty in the process. Who is the killer? Why did they do it? Read and find out!


5. “curiouser and curiouser”


Curiouser and Curiouser
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Steampunk? Alice? Go on. Curiouser and Curiouser is a steampunk take on Wonderland that was written by Melanie Karsak. The Mad Hatter is in danger, and it’s up to Alice to save him. To do so, she has to team up with the man she both loves and despises. She thought that she was going to turn over a new leaf, but because of the Hatter’s recklessness, Alice finds herself working, once again, with the Caterpillar. She must steal a large diamond, and the heist shouldn’t be a problem… but Alice didn’t anticipate that the feelings she had for her former love would present a challenge.

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