5 Book Podcasts to Listen to on Your Day Off

Being so tired that you don’t even have the energy to do your favorite thing in the world (reading, obviously) is a feeling that we’re probably too familiar with. So if today—or any day—you feel too tired to dive into one of the books staring at you from your nightstand, but you still want to do something book-related, these podcasts are perfect.

1. novel gazing


Novel Gazing podcast logo
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If you are a fan of literary fiction, this podcast is perfect for you. Here, hosts Mary Kay and Louise talk about literary fiction news, recommendations, and “general goings-on from the world of literary fiction,” but in their episodes they also conduct very interesting conversations like “Is Harry Potter Literary fiction?” and “Literary Fiction vs. Genre Fiction.”



2. Authorized: Love and Romance


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If romance is more your thing, you should definitely get behind this one. In Authorized, CBS Sunday Morning contributor, Faith Salie, interviews top authors on writing about romance and sex. Some special guests include Eloisa James, Nicolas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, and André Aciman.


3. LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE – Science Fiction and Fantasy Story Podcast


Lightspeed podcast logo
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This podcast is perfect, not only if you’re a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but also if you just want to hear a story instead of hearing people talk about stories. The Lightspeed podcast brings you a mix of original stories and reprints from Hugo Award-winning and critically acclaimed Lightspeed Magazine.



4. read or dead


Read of Dead podcast logo
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This podcast is dedicated to the world of mystery and thriller, perfect for fans of the darker side of literature. In Read or Dead, hosts Katie and Rincey talk about news, adaptations, history, and what books they’re most excited about (all mystery and thriller related of course).



5. so many damn books


So many damn books podcast logo
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If you’re not looking for a podcast on a specific book genre, So Many Damn Books may be the ideal fit for you. In this podcast, hosts Christopher and Drew talk about all things literature; reading, publishing, and the all-too-relatable feeling of having just too many damn books to read.

So sit back, relax, and let these podcast immerse you into the world of books.

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