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5 Black Authors Debuting in 2021

2021 is already shaping up to a big year for many, and these five authors are no exception! In honor of Black History Month, here are five Black authors debuting in 2021 to look out for.



Caleb Azumah Nelson

Caleb Azumah Nelson is a twenty-six year old British-Ghanian writer and photographer based in London. He was recently shortlisted for the Palm Photo Prize and the BBC National Short Story Prize in 2020, and he won the People’s Choice Prize. His work has also been published in Litro. His debut novel, Open Water, which follows two young Black artists, is debuting April 13, 2021.


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Whitney Amazeen

Whitney Amazeen has loved reading since she was a young girl. Before pursuing writing, she studied cosmetology, where she would hide in the laundry room to read and write. Her debut novel, One Carefree Day,  follows an eighteen year old Willow Bates who must confront her obsessive-compulsive disorder. This novel debuted on February 7, 2021.


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Morgan Rogers

Morgan Rogers is a queer, black millenial based in Maryland. She writes books for queer girls who are looking for their place in the world. Her debut novel, Honey Girl, follows high-achiever Grace Porter who drunkenly marries a woman she barely knows while on a celebratory girls’ trip to Vegas. The novel, which was named one of Oprah’s most anticipated books of 2021, is set for release on February 23, 2021.


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Robert Jones, Jr.

Robert Jones, Jr. is a writer from New York City. He received his BFA in creative writing and his MFA in fiction from Brooklyn College. Robert Jones Jr. has written for multiple publications including The New York Times, Essence, and The Paris Review. He is also the creator and curator of the social justice social media community, Son of Baldwin. The Prophets is his debut novel; a heartbreaking love story set amongst the bleakest of landscapes. The novel, which is a New York Times bestseller, was released on January 5, 2021.


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Denny S. Bryce

Denny S. Bryce spent more than twenty years running her marketing and public relations firm. For nearly ten of those years, she wrote and read Buffy/Spike fanfiction. Prior to her fanfiction and PR days, and after graduating from DePaul University, Bryce was a professional dancer and part-time singer. She worked with professional dance companies in Chicago and New York and worked on a theatrical production. Denny Bryce has a love for twentieth-century American history, which she credits to her grandmother, who immigrated from Jamaica to New York City in 1923. Her debut novel, Wild Women and the Blues, follows a 1920s chorus girl and a modern-day film student, both of whom have to come to grips with the often harsh realities of life and love. The novel is set for release on March 30, 2021.


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