4 Moving Ralph Ellison Quotes to Remind Us What Juneteenth Truly Means

It seems this year that an important day in history made today not just any ordinary Tuesday. Today is Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day. It was on June 19th, 1865 when it was announced that Texas and the overall Confederacy would be abolishing slavery and emancipating enslaved African Americans.


It’s a vital point in history that has been acknowledged again and again in every form of culture. Let’s not forget the freedom that came to those who awaited it for so long. Here are four beautiful quotes from Ralph Ellison to honor Juneteenth.


1. “God is love, I said, but art’s the possibility of forms, and shadows are the source of identity.”


2. “Words of Emancipation didn’t arrive until the middle of June so they called it Juneteenth. So that was it, the night of Juneteenth celebration, his mind went on. The celebration of a gaudy illusion.”

3. “But what a feeling can come over a man just from seeing the things he believes in and hopes for symbolized in the concrete form of a man. In something that gives a focus to all the other things he knows to be real. Something that makes unseen things manifest and allows him to come to his hopes and dreams through his outer eye and through the touch and feel of his natural hand.”


4. “Nothing ever stops; it divides and multiplies, and I guess sometimes it gets ground down superfine, but it doesn’t just blow away.”


Featured Image Via Kent Black Action Commission