4 Classics to Read on a Rainy Autumn Day

These four classics are perfect for reading amid the torrential rain on a cool evening and, most importantly, complement the season that has fallen upon us this time of year.  

The weather is changing. The leaves are turning crisp and brown. There is a nip in the air, and people are starting to bury their necks into their scarves and venture out into the cold, brittle air. Certainly, autumn is here to stay for a while, and the world, for the most part, is not complaining. People are ready for a change in ambience. They are eager to get outside and hike under the orange-tinted trees and layout in the park under the full moon’s glow. Of course, not every autumn day is going to be cloudless and full of sunshine. There will be days when the clouds tumble in from the north, and freezing rain finds itself ricocheting off the doorsteps of millions of homes across the country. When these days come, and they will, what better way to spend them than cuddled up in the living room with a tepid cup of hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and an excellent classic novel to tug at your heartstrings. Here are four spectacular novels meant to be read during the fall months. Some of these books are dark and full of mystery, while others will make even the tightest lipped person crack a simple smile. Regardless, these classics are perfect for reading amid the torrential rain on a cool evening and, most importantly, complement the season that has fallen upon us this time of year.  



Persuasion by Jane Austen 


When Anne Elliot was nineteen years old, she fell in love with Captain Westworth, the fearless and willful naval officer with a handsome face and a stunning personality. For Anne, he was everything she could ever imagine. The only problem was the dashing young man had no money. Even though she loved this man with every fiber of her being, Anne finds herself getting persuaded to give this man up and find a more wealthy lad to take care of her till her dying days. With a conflicted heart, Anne leaves Captain Westworth and eight years later finds herself still single and husband-less. When Captain Westworth returns to town, a wealthy man, Anne realizes that she made a grave mistake all those years ago. Anne is now determined to win back Captain Westworth’s heart, except there is a slight problem. He seems to be infatuated with another woman.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


For most of his life, Pip has dreamed of becoming a gentleman. Of course, part of the reason is that the young orphan wishes to be a man worthy enough to marry the lovely Estelle, but, regardless, he yearns to live a life of promise and fortune. To achieve this dream, Pip works hard in his endeavors. He is an apprentice at the local blacksmith, and he is going to school to better his education. Pip, even though he is on the path to becoming the man he desires, still is on the brink of throwing in the towel on his dream. He is miserable as a blacksmith, and his schooling is grating on his nerves, for it is just too difficult for him. It is not until Pip receives a hefty sum of money from a mysterious benefactor and is sent to London to become a gentleman that he starts to think that his dream can come true. Still, questions loom in the back of Pip’s mind. Who is this mysterious benefactor, and why are they driven to make him a gentleman? Is it so he can marry Estelle, or is it something darker, deeper?



Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


Jane Eyre has not lived a storybook life, one full of wonder and adventure. She has grown up living in the shadow of crudity under the watchful eye of her heartless Aunt Reed. Jane has experienced torment after torment, but she has remained resilient despite everything she has gone through. Her wit and inextinguishable spirit has prompted her to keep living her life with her head held high and urged her to apply for the governess position at Thornfield Hall under the dashing Mr. Rochester’s employment. Upon her arrival at Thornfield Hall, Jane quickly falls for Mr. Rochester but quickly realizes that being with him is a far trickier task than the eye preserves. Secrets encircle Thornfield Hall and Mr. Rochester, secrets that could turn Jane’s already tricky existence upside down.   


The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas


At just nineteen years old, Edmond Dantes’s life was the epitome of perfection. Besides being dashingly handsome and extremely well-liked, the young man was about to be the captain of his first vessel and marry the beautiful Mercédès. Edmond, living on cloud nine, could not think anyone or anything could ruin his star-studded dreams from coming true. Of course, that is until his envious friends accuse him of treason in the hope of getting him out of the limelight and stealing his betrothed. In just a blink of an eye, Edmond finds himself thrown in the infamous Château d’If, home to some of the world’s most notorious criminals, for crimes he did not commit. While trapped behind bars, Edmond hears about a mysterious treasure hidden on the isle of Monte Cristo. Intrigued by the idea of endless fortune, Edmond finds a newfound desire to escape the clutches of Château d’If, find the treasure, and enact revenge on his so-called friends that wronged him. Edmond has to figure out how to escape the prison’s impenetrable clutches because men that go into the Château d’If do not come out unless they are dead.