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4 Authors Who Haven’t Published in a Long Time

Not every author is prolific enough to write a book or two every year. Some don’t write one in a few years and some even longer than that! None of these four authors have published a book in the past decade.


1. Markus Zusak

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The most influential book written by the Aussie is The Book Thief, which entered the hearts and minds of young adults around the world, winning awards and eventually being adapted into a major movie. It was published way back in 2005, though, and is Zusak’s most recent book. Bridge of Clay has been in development for some time but remains unpublished. 


2. Kathryn Stockett

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After leaving the magazine publishing industry, Stockett penned The Help in 2009, which became a bestseller and an Emma Stone movie. Perhaps stuck in the mud following some legal wrangling surrounding the book, a second novel has yet to come.


3. Cormac McCarthy

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The novelist and playwright, most well-known for Blood Meridian, hasn’t been out of work. As recently as 2013, he created a screenplay for a major motion picture. He just hasn’t published a novel since The Road in 2006. He was said to be working on three novels according to The Guardian back in 2009, but the 83-year old may be more content settling down at this point.


4. Alice Sebold

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Best known for The Lovely Bones, Sebold continued a path of terror with her second novel, The Almost Moon. The 2007 novel received mixed reviews, however, and there has been no further publication from Sebold since then.


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