3 YA Authors to Follow on Instagram ASAP

As readers, we can sometimes forget that authors are people too. Despite their success as writers, the author life isn’t always as glamorous as it seems—and many authors are very candid about that. The following YA writers are not only incredibly talented, but often take to Instagram to share what life is “really” like behind the scenes. If you’re an aspiring author yourself, follow these Instagram accounts for tips, tricks, and a look into author life!

1. Adrienne Young @adrienneyoungbooks

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Adrienne Young is the author of Sky in the Deep and The Girl the Sea Gave Back, fantasy novels that have been successful and are well-known in the YA community. Adrienne has posted multiple Instagram stories talking about negative reviews, and how they can affect her mental health. As much as negative reviews are a part of the job, Adrienne encourages readers to avoid tagging authors in them. 

Adrienne also posts frequently about the writing process. She has numerous saved stories on her Instagram page about her revision process, complete with Scrivener tips and tricks. Adrienne also likes to post about her writing schedule, and how she holds herself accountable to it. If you’re an aspiring writer, Adrienne’s account is full of information! 

Adrienne’s most recent draft is for her new YA novel, Fable, coming out in September 2020. She often posts her daily word count goals, and videos of her working on it, both of which can serve as motivation to work on your own writing project. If you’re looking for a candid, inspirational author to follow, check out @adrienneyoungbooks on Instagram!


2. Lindsay Cummings @authorlindsaycummings

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If you’re not familiar with Lindsay Cumming’s The Murder Complex series, then you might know her from her most recent series, Zenith, co-written by her and booktuber Sasha Alsberg. Linsday often posts videos of her working, both on her Instagram and her Youtube channel. She’s always very open about what the publishing process is like, and in the past talked about how hard it was to see her latest project get rejected by her publisher. 

Besides posting about books, Lindsay also posts super cute pictures of her horse, Dan, and her baby son, Zion, on her account. Since giving birth to her son, Lindsay has often talked about how hard it can be to juggle raising a child with meeting deadlines. She isn’t afraid to post about what the author life is really like, with all its highs and lows. If you’re interested in Lindsay’s upcoming work, you can also follow her for updates and posts about her #secretYAnovel.


3. Kalyn Josephson @kalynmjosephson

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Kalyn Josephson is the author of her YA debut novel, The Storm Crow, which was released last year. She often posts videos of herself working on her next book, The Storm Rider, coming July 2020. You can read about her experience with the publishing process on her website, where she talks about querying and finding an agent. 

What I love most about Kalyn’s account is seeing her experience as a debut author. Recently, Kalyn posted a video of her mom opening the ARCs of her upcoming book—and her mom’s reaction is SO cute! Kalyn gives a glimpse into the rewards of becoming a YA author, as well as book news, book recommendations, and pictures of her cat! 


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