3 Books to Read for International Moment of Laughter Day

With everything constantly happening in the world, everyone needs a moment of laughter. Well, since today is International Moment of Laughter Day, here are some humous books to check out! I hope they are all able to bring at least a little bit of brightness to your day.






Winner of the 2019 LA Times Award for Best Crime Thriller, this book is a hilarious bombshell. My Sister, the Serial Killer, centers around Korede, whose dinner is interrupted one night by a distress call from her sister, Ayoola. Korede already knows what Ayoola expects of her: nerves of steel and a strong stomach. This is the third boyfriend who’s suffered from Ayoola’s lethal actions, leaving Korede to clear away the mess. Korede knows she should probably go to the police, even if just for the good of the men in Nigeria, but she loves her sister and family comes first. Everything changes, however, when Ayoola starts dating the doctor from Korede’s workplace, whom she is also in love with, and she does not want to see him with a knife in his back. Yet, to save one would mean to sacrifice the other. This book is perfect for a moment of laughter for today and the premise is so interesting I don’t know how anyone could skip out on this one!



Delete this at your peril: The bob servant emails by Neil Forsyth




Delete This at Your Peril is a book that will have you cracking up from beginning to end. This book is a hilarious collection of email exchanges starring the biggest despiser of spam, Bob Servant. Spam comprises 90% of all emails sent and illegally nets millions of dollars each year. Into this wave of corruption comes Bob Servant, former window cleaner, who participates in anarchic exchanges with hapless spam merchants. As he gets offered Russian brides and get-rich-quick scams, he responds by offering outlandish schemes of his own. The spammers may have breached his firewall, but they have met their match as Bob Servant heroically and hilariously rises to the challenge.


tHE IDIOT BY Elif Batuman




Elif Batuman’s deft ability to undercut her characters’ pretentiousness at just the right time is only one humorous aspect of her novel The IdiotThe Idiot follows Selin, a tall and highly strung Turkish-American from New Jersey, who turns up at Harvard and finds herself dangerously overwhelmed by the challenges and possibilities of adulthood. Selin ponders profound questions about how culture and language shape who we are, how difficult it is to be a failed writer, and how baffling love is. Batuman’s heroine shows us, with perfect hilarity and soulful inquisitiveness, just how messy it can be to forge a self in the perfect novel for International Moment of Laughter Day!

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