20 of the Most Shocking GOT Moments Ever


While it seems like there is something new every 5 minutes in Game of Thrones, some scenes just take the cake for the most shocking. We’re all well aware that George R. R. Martin is capable of crazy plot twists, but these 20 moments were downright jaw-dropping:


1. When Jamie casually pushes Bran off a tower



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Nope, this show has no chill. Episode 1, Season 1 and Jamie Lannister has already casually thrown a 7-year-old off a building.


2. When Ned is executed in front of his daughters



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We realize the mortality of every character in Ned’s execution scene. Despite the fact that he is betrothed to Ned’s daughter, Joffrey kills the beloved father to prove that there is no limit to his evil.


3. When Khal Drogo kills Daenerys’s brother



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I mean we all wanted to see him gone…but really Khal Drogo? A cauldron full of hot metal?


4. When Daenerys steps out of the fire with her 3 dragons



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Daenerys steps into a fire with 3 eggs and steps out with 3 fire-breathing dragons…we have no doubt she may one day rule the Seven Kingdoms.


5. When the Red Lady has a shadow baby



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This is definitely a scene where you want to look away but just can’t. Not only does Melisandre birth a shadow, but the shadow goes on to murder Stannis’s brother, Renly. 


6. The Red Wedding. Enough said.


red wedding

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Any GOT fan knows this list wouldn’t be complete without the Red Wedding. We all know what happens, and we’ll never be over it.


7. Cutting off Jaime’s hand



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I mean he probably deserved it, but still, shocking, to say the least.


8. Ygritte being killed by a young boy



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The worst part of this scene isn’t the way Ygritte dies, but who does it. After raiding his family’s village and killing his parents, young Olly gets revenge for the death of his parents by shooting Ygritte through the heart.


9. When Daenerys pretends to give away her dragon, but actually this happens



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After pretending to be manipulated into a bad deal, Daenerys proves her superiority yet again, turning her dragons and the army of the Unsullied against their masters. 


10. When Lysa gets thrown through the moon door



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The horrifying way that Lysa Arryn chooses to execute people comes back to haunt her in this scene. After trying to throw Sansa through the Moon Door, Little Finger saves her (once again) sending his betrothed (Lysa) to her certain death.


11. Ramsay as a person



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There’s not much to say about Ramsay except that he is the absolute worst. Every single thing he does is shocking and horrifying.


12. The Mountain killing Oberyn



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The actual death is too graphic to relive, but let’s just say the Mountain squeezes the life out of Oberyn.


13. Joffrey’s untimely death at his own wedding



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We waited for this moment a long time, and the producers did not disappoint. Joffrey is poisoned at his own wedding, and his reign of torture comes to an end.


14. Stannis deciding to burn his own daughter at the stake



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Was burning your daughter at the stake really the only way to please the Lord of Light, Stannis? Really?


15. When Jon is killed by his own Brothers


jon snow

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After committing his life to the Brothers of the Night’s Watch, they decide to kill him for his attempt at saving the wildlings. This scene is the definition of shocking…we never thought we could lose the indestructible Jon Snow.


16. Oh yeah, and then when Jon comes back to life


jon awake

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When the Red Lady brings him back to life in a suspense-filled scene full of dark magic.


17. Finding out why Hodor is Hodor



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One of the saddest moments in GOT was finding out that Hodor’s destiny was to “hold the door” for Bran. Hodor became one of Bran’s most faithful companions, even giving his own life to protect the boy.


18. Arya feeding Walder Frey his own children in a meat pie


walder frey

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Arya finally gets revenge against Walder Frey by baking a meat pie out of his own children. Gross…but let’s be honest…he orchestrated the Red Wedding, and probably deserved it.


19. Tommen’s death



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After his mom blew up his wife and half of King’s Landing, we expected Tommen to continue reigning over the Seven Kingdoms. No one was expecting this one.


20. When you find out Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark



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This final shocker was revealed to us in the last episode of season 6. Turns out Jon isn’t Ned’s illegitimate son, but Lyanna Stark’s love child! Whoa!


We can’t wait to see what the next season holds!




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