15 Upcoming Adult Coloring Books to Enjoy in 2016

Can there be such a thing as too many coloring books? Of course the answer is no, but the adult coloring book craze is reaching a fever pitch in 2016, so we had to ask to be sure. More than 130 adult coloring book titles will be released throughout the rest of the year, with everyone from Lonely Planet to Harlequin getting in on the trend.

Even if you’re a coloring fanatic, that is a daunting number of pages to color. But on the plus side, you’re spoiled for choice. We picked out some of the most beautiful, bizarre, and nostalgic titles coming out this year to keep you going. So, whether you’re new to the therapeutic coloring scene, or you’ve burned through every coloring book with a cat in it, you won’t be without a nice, pencil-ready canvas. Find them wherever adult coloring books are sold – which, it seems, is everywhere now.


Color Quest: Extreme Coloring Challenges to Complete by Joanna Webster


Release Date: April 1


The Passive-Aggressive Coloring Book: (For People Who Just Don’t Get the Whole Calm Thing) by Charlotte Farmer


Release Date: April 5


Vogue Colors A to Z: A Fashion Coloring Book edited by Valerie Steiker


Release Date: April 5


Coloring Zen for the Stressed Out Modernist by Jennifer Zimmerman



Release Date: April 12


Gulliver’s New Travels: Coloring in a New World by James Gulliver Hancock


Release Date: April 15 


Men in Uniform Adult Coloring Book by M.G. Anthony



Release Date: May 3


The Bicycle Coloring Book: Journey to the Edge of the World by Shan Jiang


Release Date: May 3


The Coloring Book for Goths: The World’s Most Depressing Book by Tom Devonald



Release Date: May 3


David Bowie: Starman: A Coloring Book by the editors of Plexus Books



Release Date: May 10


Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book for All Ages by Carol Swartout Klein and Robert O’Neil



Release Date: May 24


Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls Who Like Stuff by Katie Cook and Ashley Eckstein


Release Date: June 7


Where’s Waldo? The Coloring Book by Martin Handford


Release Date: June 14


Island Escape: My Caribbean Coloring Book by Jade Gedeon


Release Date: July 5


Sugar Skulls by Shannon Duffy


Release Date: August 23


The Beard Coloring Book by Meggyn Pomerleau


Release Date: November 15