15 Terrible Things That Can Happen to a Book Lover

The best thing to happen to books lovers was the creation of books. As long as literature exists we will be happy, but there are little things that can enrage us peaceful book nerds. Try to get through this list without cringing… 


1Relaxing with a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate one Sunday morning when *gasp* you spill that hot beverage all over your book!

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It may look cozy, but danger lurks around every turn of the page…


2. Getting super hyped for a sequel that turns out to be disappointing. 


3. Losing a book while you’re halfway through… and on vacation! 

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4. Forgetting to bring your book on a plane/train/bus ride (it could be 10 minutes or 12 hours; both are horrible)


5. Having your mental image of a character ruined when a movie or TV adaptation comes out


6. Putting a book on hold at the library, and having to wait for months 

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Just be patient!


7. Lending your book to someone who dog-ears pages! Or worse: underlines in pen!   

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Books are to be read. They are not meant to be your next art project.


8. Not being able to get through a book because – despite how hard you try – you just don’t like it


9. Turning to page 128 and suddenly it’s page 136 (who ripped out these pages?! What did they say?!) OR when two pages are stuck together and you are forced to rip them apart


10. When the author kills off your favorite character

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11. Getting a used/vintage book and it turns to dust (or falls apart) in your hands 


12. Meeting someone who doesn’t read or like books

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13. Having an anxiety attack when you finish a book, and then not being able to choose another one (even though your TBR pile is overflowing…)


14. Losing your place, especially if the book is 800+ pages


15. Not having enough time to read. But let’s be real – all book lovers find time to read 😉

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What’s the worst thing you can think of happening to a book lover? 


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