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15 Fantastic Libraries and Where to Find Them!

Just like a human, the true beauty of a library is on the inside. But also like a human, sometimes the outside is nice too. The folks at Architectural Digest have put their design expertise to use for the bookish among us, and have revealed the most splendid, spectacular, beautiful libraries in the world. Architecturally speaking.


These are the most fantastic libraries in the world and where to find them!


1. Seattle Public Library’s Central Library | Seattle, Washington


Seattle Library


2. Trinity College Old Library | Dublin, Ireland


Trinity College


3. University of Aberdeen New Library | Aberdeen, Scotland




4. Musashino Art University Museum & Library | Tokyo, Japan




5. Clementinum | Prague, Czech Republic




6. The Royal Library | Copenhagen, Denmark


The Royal Library


7. Sainte-Geneviève Library | Paris, France




8. Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, New York Public Library | New York, New York




9. Bodleian Library | Oxford, England




10. Stuttgart City Library | Stuttgart, Germany




11. St. Florian Monastery | Sankt Florian, Austria


St. Florian


12. Bibliotecha Alexandrina | Alexandria, Egypt




13. George Peabody Library | Baltimore, Maryland


George Peabody


14. José Vasconcelos Library | Mexico City, Mexico


Jose Vasconcelos


15. Vennesla Library and Cultural Center | Vennesla, Norway




All Images Via Architectural Digest


Feature Image Via Am Reading