15 Book-ish Gifts For Your Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you are struggling with what to get the woman who does it all, then look no further. We got you covered with a gift guide for all the book-loving mothers out there.

1. Book-ish scented candles


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Our sense of smell is often considered to be the strongest sense as it has the power to trigger emotions and memories that our other four cannot. With that in mind, reading with a candle nearby can bring whichever fictional world bookworms are escaping to even more alive whether that be the Scottish highlands from Outlander or Winterfell from A Song of Ice and Fire. Click here to see what other book-ish scents are available!


2. literary themed wine glass


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Who doesn’t love wine glasses with a fun little saying? This one is especially perfect as it has your mom’s day all set out. She can take a sip, read a page, and then repeat the cycle all over again. Now that sounds like a great way to spend Mother’s Day.

If you’re also searching for the perfect books to read with a glass of wine, check out our guide here.


3. Bubbles and books


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Mother’s Day is a day where all mothers should have the chance to unwind, and what better way to reduce stress than with a good book and a relaxing bubble bath. Bubbles & Books is a subscription service where every month they send a box filled with self-care items such as bath bombs, candles, soaps, and a book from your genre of choice. It’s the perfect spa day all wrapped into one package!


4, a necklace fit for any book lover


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This cute little gift will display their love for reading to the world. You also have the choice to personalize it by adding your mom’s birthstone, which will make this gift even more meaningful.


5. fill in the blank personalized book


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If you are looking for the a gift that is both customizable and thoughtful, then look no further. A Little Book About My Amazing Mom provides prompts that give you the opportunity to write your own words to your mom that express just how much she means to you.


6. Literary cookbooks


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What better way to surprise your mom than with a meal straight out of her favorite novel! Fictitious Dishes will allow you to prepare dishes ranging from the tea party in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to a chicken plate ripped from the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird.



7. Art prints Of memorable literary quotes


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In the words of Cassandra Clare, “words have the power to change us.” Wall art would not only be decorative, but it would also be sentimental as every time your mom passes this frame it will take her back to the feeling she got when she first read the featured quote.


8. book-ish inspired loose leaf tea


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Is your mom also a tea lover? Well, then this might just be the perfect gift for her! The Beautea Studio offers quality loose leaf tea blends that are inspired by classic novels such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Little Women, Great Expectations, and so much more.


9. a personalized jewelry dish


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This gift is not only something that your mom can use daily, but it also comes with a book-ish touch! Bunbury & Co. on Etsy feature this jewelry dish from Little Women and one from Anne of Green Gables as well.


10. wrap up in a cozy book blanket


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If you want to give your mom a completely low-stress day, this cozy book-ish gift will give her even more comfort when she curls up on the couch with a good book. And what bookworm doesn’t want to be surrounded by books at all times.


11. a beautiful paper flower


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These one-of-a-kind paper flowers are made from damaged books that are created in the spirit of keeping beloved stories alive. Amazon features paper roses from Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Anne of Green Gables, and more!


12. A Book themed makeup bag


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Carrying around makeup in separate bags can be a hassle, but this gift not only lets your mom carry everything in one place, it is also sure to please her inner bookworm!


13. Warm book-ish socks


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To further enhance your mom’s day of relaxation, these socks are perfect as she will be surrounded by cozy things all day long. Look through Out of Print for even more book-ish socks!


14. Staying safe with a book-ish face mask


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Not only will this gift keep your mom safe, but it will also be something stylish that serves as a daily reminder of something she loves.


15. a book of the month subscription


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This is the gift that keeps on giving for every book lover. With a Book of the Month subscription, your mom will be able to choose her favorite from a list of five new books every month.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! May your day be filled with books, wine, relaxation, special moments with loved ones, and even more books!

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